Viraj Paul Otu


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Viraj Paul Otu

Senior Graphic Designer

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London, UK

Viraj Paul is open to new work opportunities

Senior print and digital designer. Experience with successful retailers and a multitude of award winning design agencies specialising in various sectors, makes me a knowledgeable, driven and well rounded asset to any company. I have a strong desire to creatively help forward-thinking innovative companies achieve their goals by taking their business to the next level. With my innate focus on positive solutions, I am always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Brands Viraj Paul has worked with
    • bwp@
    • Hunter
    • Revere
    • Dixons Carphone
    • Revital
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Senior Designer


Oct 2018 - Present

BWP has a diverse range of clients, some mainly in the retail sector.
•Concept development for major campaigns with very tight deadlines, that successfully increased footfall in key locations and inc...

Senior Designer


May 2018 - Sep 2018

Hunter is a brand development agency with a broad spectrum of clients in it's portfolio, from various sectors.
•Initially hired to support team with brand development of a new chain of restaurants: l...

Senior Designer


Sep 2017 - Apr 2018

Revere is a B2B marketing agency specialising in clients from the technology sector.
•Hired as cover for one week working on amends on user documents for technology products
•With my experience in d...

Senior Designer

Dixons Carphone

May 2017 - Sep 2017

Design studio at the UK's largest electrical goods retailer.
•Managed the POS production of the company's customer support/installation Team Knowhow prior to launch.
•Designed POS templates, web ban...

Design Manager


Jan 2010 - Jan 2016

The UK's largest independent health food retailer.
•Initial post as Graphic Designer, lead visual communication - web and in-store POS
•Senior Designer. responsible for more of the companies custome...

  • Multi-diciplined Graphic Designer


  • Team Management


  • Digital Designs


  • Design


  • Adobe Creative Suite


  • Graphic Design




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