Erion Gjonaj

Product developer

Independent and self motivated worker with great energy and ability to learn quickly. With a business oriented tourism education and will to learn new abilities, achieved a 8 year experience in sales and management and customer support in small fast growing businesses. After learning to make fine hand-made shoes and getting to know all parts of shoe making process assumed full responsibility for overseeing all manufacturing staff, processes, and facilities in a three-site operation. I'm an organized, conscientious, footwear and accessories developer. I have a firm handle on how to engineer patterns to drive efficient yields, maximum comfort, and most favorable production processes. I keep communication transparent across teams, providing costing and construction guidance as well as steering material selection. I understand that change is the nature of the business and I try to keep an open mind in every situation and adapt accordingly.

Previous Brands
Scuola del Cuoio
Stefano Bemer Co.
Work Experience
Footwear and Accessories Developer
Apr ‘18 - Now
Self employed

• Managed the development of men's and women's lifestyle footwear ranging from sandals, sneakers, shoes and boots and accessories like bags, gloves etc. • Collaboratively built briefs with marketing and design teams by providing material, construction, costing and timeline knowledge • Critically examined cost breakdowns during sample reviews providing options to hit targeted FOB • Analyzed fit and wear testing results leading to discussion around what functional changes are needed; providing a strategy to solve fit concerns that come up late in the process without delaying commercialization for on-time delivery • Supervise changes made to construction and material selection and work with material vendors, last makers and pattern makers, various components suppliers • Created calendars and action plans to keep the greater team on track for timely product reviews and on-time sample/production delivery • Managed tech pack communication and product development with factories and suppliers • In the event of product cancellation, performed project checks from concept to execution to learn from mistakes and prevent repeating them • Assisted with day-to-day operations, working efficiently and productively with all team members and suppliers I have been cooperating as a Product Developer with foreign Fashion Brands & Fashion Startups such as A.W.A.K.E. MODE - www.awake-mode.com Salone Monet - www.salonemonet.com Bakhirka - www.bakhirkaapparel.com Ulyana Sergeenko - www.ulyanasergeenko.com Unipair - www.unipair.com Josefin Liljeqvist - www.josefinliljeqvist.com Azi Land - www.azi.land and others

Production Manager
Nov ‘13 - May ‘18
Stefano Bemer Co.

• Managed the development of Stefano Bemer men's "Archive" footwear collection • Researched account customer profiles, regional needs, and product trends to co-create project briefs • Coordinated and supported B2B and B2C sales • Reviewed cost breakdowns and material percentages to rework and negotiate with suppliers as needed • Reorganized the warehouse and production team in order to improve production effectiveness • Managed day to day activities in the production process with in-house and external production • Performed quality control and shipment processes

Mar ‘13 - Nov ‘13
Scuola del Cuoio

• Guided customers on purchases based on interests, promotions and other sales • Managed special orders of bags and leather apparel • Provided guided tours of the company and workshop • Performed general store upkeep during store hours and after closing, including cleaning, organizing shelves and restocking items

English - Fluent
Italian - Native
Albanian - Native
French - Basic
Spanish - Basic
Education & Training
Luigi Einaudi Pistoia
‘02 - ‘07
Tourism Services Technician
Tourism Management
Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy