Victor Oluwadare

Center Manager

With a strong focus on enhancing customer experiences and promoting sustainable practices, I excel in delivering personalised solutions and fostering satisfaction. My background includes technical support with an eco-conscious approach, alongside basic English skills for effective communication in diverse retail settings.

Previous Brands
Lagos State Ministry of Works and Housing
Tek Experts
United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Work Experience
Profit Center Manager- Personal Banking
Sep ‘22 - Dec ‘23
United Bank For Africa (UBA)

• Maximize Financial Performance: Drive profitability and revenue growth through strategic banking operations. • Enhance Customer Experience: Improve service quality and client satisfaction through personalized financial solutions. • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Adhere to financial regulations and internal policies to maintain operational integrity. SUSTAINABILTY RESPONSIBILITIES • Advocate Sustainable Finance: Promote eco-friendly banking practices. • Invest in Sustainability: Direct funds toward eco-conscious projects. • Educate for Change: Inform and guide clients on sustainable banking options.

Technical Support Advocate
Sep ‘21 - Feb ‘22
Tek Experts

• Troubleshooting M365 with a focus on sustainability, validating subscriptions using eco-friendly scripts, promoting quick repairs, and reducing environmental impact. • General troubleshooting of Microsoft Windows and O365 products with an eco-conscious approach, minimizing energy consumption and optimizing resource efficiency. • Sustainable practices in Download, Installation & Activation (DIA) processes for Windows and O365 products. • Customer Service with a commitment to sustainability and Quality Assurance (QA), ensuring environmentally responsible service delivery.

NYSC Attache & Junior Architect
Oct ‘18 - Oct ‘19
Lagos State Ministry of Works and Housing

• Resolved Lagos state's housing deficit sustainably through public-private partnerships. • Conducted eco-conscious site inspections, addressing dilapidations in residential buildings with sustainable maintenance solutions. • Reviewed and provided environmentally friendly drawing plans for diverse housing typologies to promote sustainable urban development.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Health & safety
Store Maintenance
Kofi Oghenebrume
Senior colleague - Relationship Manager, Commercial, United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Sep 2022 - Dec 2023

During his time at UBA, he consistently demonstrated dedication, intelligence, and professionalism. Victor excelled in communication and collaboration, always seeking feedback and proactively improving his performance month-on-month. He also showed strong leadership skills, contributing to various projects and initiatives. In summary, victor would be a valuable asset to any organization. I wholeheartedly endorse him and am confident in his ability to excel. Warm regards, Kofi Oghenebrume,

Education & Training
University of Hertfordshire
‘24 - ‘25
M.Sc. Sustainable Planning & Environmental Management.
Covenant University
‘16 - ‘18
Master of Architecture
Covenant University
Bachelor of Science