Yelyzaveta Malichenko


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Yelyzaveta Malichenko

Project manager

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London, UK

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I work as a lead project manager in an IT company now, we create websites for clients from all over Europe. I don't just manage some projects, but also supervise the work of the other project managers, as well as different developers and designers. I delegate tasks to them, create a task list, plan and priorities, solve different problems and issues that can arise during our work, test and check the result, make quality assurance. Often, I also hold meetings with the team to identify their needs or deliver some important information, and even train new employees. We work both with large marketing agencies and with individual clients. I communicate with them, find out their needs, requests and wishes, create a task list based on that, pass it on to the team, and at the end present the work done to the clients. I also hold meetings and presentations, write reports, support and solve customer problems.
Furthermore, I have experience working as a Customer Support Representative, Sales Manager and IT Product Manager, so I'm good at building relationships with clients. I always try to provide high-quality service and support to clients, as a result we can build and release high-impact products and ensure consistent revenue growth. 
I'm looking for a new job in London, where I can apply my skills and knowledge in IT, product development, UI/UX design, marketing and SEO.

  • Brands Yelyzaveta has worked with
    • Benefit Rose Oü
    • Raise.Band Llc
    • Radugar Llc
    • Energo Ingeniring Llc
    • Smart Beehive Llc
  • Yelyzaveta's past titles
    • Marketing Manager
    • Sales Associate
    • Sales Manager
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Product Manager
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IT Project Manager

Benefit Rose Oü

Sep 2019 - Present

Managing projects (often 10-15 at once) dedicated to the creation and relaunch of websites for big marketing agencies as well as for individual clients, so that they are delivered on budget, on time a...

Customer Support Representative

Raise.Band Llc

Sep 2018 - May 2019

Live chat, email and phone support; consulting clients about service, features, payment options, etc.; troubleshooting various operational issues; warm calls; following of the communication procedures...

Sales Manager

Radugar Llc

Apr 2018 - Aug 2018

Communication with the existing client base, support and consultation, evaluation the needs of clients, resolving customer issues, cold and warm calls, working closely with a data base of clients to a...

Administrative Assistant

Energo Ingeniring Llc

Sep 2017 - Mar 2018

File maintenance, data entry, processing of documents, account management, participation in business meetings, work with correspondence, reception of phone calls, mail processing, reporting, execution...

Product Manager

Smart Beehive Llc

Jan 2017 - Aug 2017

Market research, public relations, investor search, development of a financial plan and marketing strategy, analysis of the market and competitors, continuously identifying the opportunities to make t...

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