Sadia Parveen



Sadia Parveen

Fashion Designer

Current Location

Paris, France

Sadia is available for work

Une styliste très créative, polyvalente et bilingue, diplômée en Design de Mode et Technologie de l’IFA Paris et ayant 2 ans d’expérience industrielle, en recherche active d’un CDD/CDI ou un Intérim dans le studio de design disponible immédiatement. Portant le désir d’apporter positivement mes compétences en conception graphique et culture artistique fortes, recherche de tendances globales et création de mood-boards, les expertises techniques manuelles et numériques, l’approvisionnement en tissus et le contrôle des prototypes, et gestion des marques de luxe pour créer constamment de la valeur pour l’organisation à laquelle je suis associée.

A highly creative, bilingual and versatile designer, graduated in Fashion Design and Technology from IFA Paris and having 2 years of industrial experience, actively looking for a CDD/CDI or an Interim in the design studio available immediately. Harbouring the desire of positively contributing my skills in strong graphic design and artistic culture, global trend spotting and moodboard creation, manual and digital technical expertises, fabric sourcing and prototype control, and luxury brand management to constantly create value for the organisation I am associated with.

  • Brands Sadia has worked with
    • Giambattista Valli
    • Arabian Moda
    • Nabil Younes
    • Ziad Nakad & Atelier Zuhra
    • Juliet Imbert Studio
    • Grazia Serbia
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Assistant of Head of the Atelier and Couturière

Giambattista Valli

Oct 2022 - Present

Couture collections from assembly to finishing including hand and machine sewing, worked on the creations of various garments for VIP clients, retouched garments for the clients, assisted the atelier ...

Haute Couture S/S22 Atelier Assistant


Jan 2022 - Jan 2022

Assisted at the atelier for the production process including hand sewing, embroidery and draping of the final bridal look of the Haute-Couture collection

RTW F/W 22-23 RUNWAY & BRIDAL Studio Assistant


Jan 2022 - Mar 2022

Assisted during the model fittings sessions & at the atelier for adjustments (hand sewing and embroidery), aided the team of stylist to finalise the looks for the photoshoot of the digital catalogue a...

Assistant Stylist

Arabian Moda

Aug 2022 - Aug 2022

Assistant Stylist - for the article of Julien Fournié and ZIAD NAKAD in November 2022 issue

Styliste, Modéliste et Couturière

Nabil Younes

Jul 2022 - Sep 2022

Conceptualised the making of patterns and executed the creation, fittings completion of muslin on clients, led the aesthetic vision and production of haute-couture garments using couture sewing techni...

  • Collection Desigining


  • Fashion Illustrations


  • Graphic Design


  • Trend Spotting & Research


  • Haute-Coture Sewing Technique


  • Creative Pattern Making & Draping


  • Social Media Marketing and public relation


  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)





Work Proficiency





IFA Paris

Bachelor en Design de Mode et Technologie


2019 to 2022

Alliance Française

FLE - B1


2018 to 2019

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