Anne-Sophie Droit



Anne-Sophie Droit

HR Director

Current Location

Paris, France

Anne-Sophie is available for work


  • Brands Anne-Sophie has worked with
    • Almaviva Sante, Clinics and Hospitals
    • Picard Surgelés
    • Adecco
    • France VF Corp.
    • Videlio-Hms
    • Galeries Lafayette
    • Hermès
    • Fapagau Factory Business
    • HR L'Oreal Group
    • L'Oréal France
    • Rio Tinto-Alcan Factory
Work Preference
Location Preference

To be discussed

Work Pattern

Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

VP of HR

Almaviva Sante, Clinics and Hospitals

Jan 2020 - Jan 2022

Privately Held under LBO; 7,000 people; Health sector,
•VP of HR: 5,000 employees and 2,000 doctors, 40 Clinics in France and Canada
•Experience : o M&A social analysis, Due Diligence preparations,...

VP of HR

Picard Surgelés

Jan 2017 - Jan 2020

Privately Held under LBO; 6,000 employees; Food industry (logistics, retail), France
•VP of HR: 6,000 people, 1,000 stores, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Sweden
•Experience : o M&A social a...

HR Director


Jan 2016 - Jan 2017

Privately Held: recruitment, flexible placements and outsourcing, Swiss
•HR Director for France: 3,500 people, 1,200 recruitment offices
•Experience : o Trade unions experience : leading work counc...

HR Leader for

France VF Corp.

Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Privately Held: Apparel and footwear company (Timberland, Vans, the North Face, Napapijri,...) USA
•HR leader for France: 700 people, 50 stores, 6 show-rooms and headquarters, matrix report to busin...

HR Consultant


Jan 2014 - Jan 2015

Privately held: 200 Employees; audio and video equipment for luxury cruises.
•Experience : o International experience in the US o HR culture change : Implementation of new processes

  • Talent Development


  • Negotiation


  • Change Management


  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)


  • Due Diligence


  • Recruitment Marketing


  • Coaching & Mentoring


  • Employer Branding










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