Clément Bailly Gonod

E-commerce/Operation Manager
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Successful management experiences in Industry and Services companies Digital mutation of products and sales channel achievement Used to work in multicultural environment Synthetic and challenge oriented mind

Previous Brands
Creative Labs
Du Côté du Parc
Secours Populaire Francais (Francia) – National Service
Villa du Parc
Work Experience
General Manager
Jan ‘07 - Jan ‘22
Du Côté du Parc

25 workers – US$480k Reverse painting on glass tabletop decoration - Fine craftsmanship -Productdevelopment (from design to packaging) -Productionmanagement (materials: glass, aluminium, zamak, MDF) -Salesdevelopment (100% export): customer portfolio on 4 different continents B2B via international trade shows (Ambiente, M&O, Atlanta Gift, NY Gift, Index, etc) B2C via marketplaces (Etsy, Amazon, Artfire) and own online shop -Administration(HR, Finance, Tax) -Logistics(import/export)

Sales Manager
Jan ‘03 - Jan ‘07
Villa du Parc

5 workers Real estate agency -Sales -Supportto financing customers (loan requests) -Administration(HR, cash management, accounting)

Finance and HR Manager
Jan ‘01 - Jan ‘02

160 workers – 40.000 barrels/day Junior oil company -Administration(HR, cash management, accounting, sale of tax credits) -Modellingof PDVSA contracts, OPEX and CAPEX fee calculation -Reportingto HQ (France) -Legalrepresentative

Financial Controller
Jan ‘00 - Jan ‘01

250 workers – 15 loops in Europa & 2 hosting centres Telecom company (direct fibre connections) -Reportingto HQ (USA) -KPIpreparation for press releases and institutional communication (press, investors) -Internalaudit (UK, German, French subs)

European Credit Risk Analyst + Financial controller
Jan ‘96 - Jan ‘00
Creative Labs

1.500 workers IT manufacturer (sounds and video cards) -Reportingto HQ (UK) -Quarterlyclosing for the 3 subs -Riskmanagement (based on financial data and on-site visits) -Creditline authorization according to Risk Sharing Policy -Cashcollection

Jan ‘94 - Jan ‘95
Secours Populaire Francais (Francia) – National Service

70 workers (HQ) -Projectsaudit -Reports(real estate inventory, bookkeeping standards, etc)

English - Fluent
French - Native
Spanish - Fluent
Italian - Basic
Education & Training
Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne
‘89 - ‘93
Paris, France