Alberto Amadi



Alberto Amadi

Senior Luxury Advisor | Temporary Manager ⇨ R&D, Procurement, Product Engineering and Production Planning

Current Location

Pisa, IT

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Senior Luxury Advisor / Temporary Manager with 30+ years of experience in R&D process management and leather sourcing for luxury brands and tanneries.

My entire career has been based on the management of procurement and product engineering for international Luxury brands. That is why I can set business processes related to purchasing, product development and production planning. In addition, I am characterized by the ability to lead CSR initiatives in terms of raw material traceability and plant's environmental footprint.

As an expert in tanning processes, I am able to identify and manage suppliers always aiming at improving quality while ensuring the on-time delivery of raw materials.

By hiring me, you will find a plug and play professional able to lead the full lifecycle of strategies and processes related to the development of shoes and leather goods for international luxury markets.

Aree di expertise:
◆ SLG Research & Development
◆ Strategic Sourcing
◆ Tanning Processes
◆ Purchase Management
◆ Production Planning
◆ Supply Chain Management
◆ Human Resources
◆ Product Quality Certifications
◆ Corporate Social Responsibility
◆ M&A Advisory Services

  • Brands Alberto has worked with
    • Alberto Amadi
    • Burberry
    • Soprea Srl
    • Kabel Ltd
    • Consorzio Conciatori Toscani
    • Conceria Marca 5 Stelle (
  • Alberto's past titles
    • Senior Security Advisor
    • Head of Sourcing
    • Head of SLG Sourcing, Purchasing and Engineering
    • Head of Production
    • Export Manager
    • Export Manager
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Senior Luxury Advisor

Alberto Amadi

May 2022 - Now

Temporary manager seconded to customer brands or tanneries during the setting of product sourcing and industrialization strategies. Main services:

• R&D of common and fine leather goods. Managing the...

Head of SLG Sourcing and Engineering


Dec 2013 - May 2022

In charge of assessing the corporate worldwide requirements and sourcing raw leather materials (€ 50M/yearly purchase). Main activities:

• Provided technical advice to the PD team on new products aim...

Head of SLG Sourcing, Purchasing and Engineering

Soprea Srl

Feb 2000 - Dec 2013

• Responsible for managing the relationships with Chinese traders such as Wai Wan Leather Co. and Goods Trading Co. engaged in the development of leather products
• Analysis of technical specification...

General Manager / Head of Production

Kabel Ltd

Jan 1992 - Jan 2000

• Gathered technical requirements from the customer supporting both product development and raw materials selection
• Led the sampling operations for the customer and, after approval, managed the fina...

Export Manager - Far East

Consorzio Conciatori Toscani

Jan 1989 - Jan 1991

• Sales representative for 10 Tuscan tanneries towards target customers spread across Far East countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong
• Managed the sales networks operating in Asia. ...

  • Strategic Sourcing


  • Production Managers


  • Procurement


  • Business Insights


  • Leather


  • Shoes


  • Handbags


  • Production Direction








Technical Institute "C. Cattaneo"

High School Diploma

1980 to 1984

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