Suleyman Salih

Strategy, Revenue Operations & GTM Expert

I am a highly accomplished growth expert with a strong entrepreneurial drive and a keen focus on processes. Over the course of 15 years, I have excelled in various leadership roles such as Head of Global Revenue Operations, Head of Global Sales. Operations Director and Managing Director. My expertise lies in developing and executing Sales/Marketing and operational strategies from scratch, enabling informed decision-making that drives revenue growth and cost reduction. I have a proven track record of scaling revenue-generating teams across multiple locations, diligently aligning structures, processes, and functions to optimise operations. Additionally, I possess a knack for identifying and capitalising on new revenue streams, thereby enhancing overall business performance. Recognising the immense value our teams bring to an organisation, I prioritise their development and well-being as key drivers of success. Through my exceptional leadership skills and a focus on operational excellence, I have consistently elevated team performance and fostered a culture of achievement. By implementing robust processes and adopting management by objectives principles, I have nurtured individual growth and propelled teams to surpass expectations. In summary, my career reflects a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the importance of effective team leadership. I am confident in my ability to drive transformative results and contribute significantly to the growth and success of any organisation.

Previous Brands
Multiple Independent Fashion Boutique Stores
Work Experience
Head of Global Revenue Operations
Jan ‘23 -

Orchestrated the successful launch of the company's in-house Marketing strategy and implemented a range of cutting-edge tools such as Canva, Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot), Google Analytics, WordPress, Dealfront (Leadfeeder), and Mailchimp to ensure seamless execution of the strategy Pioneered the development and establishment of a new services category, Risk Management as a Service(RMaaS), which resulted in the introduction of new subscription revenue streams. Strategically planned and flawlessly executed a series of highly impactful Marketing Campaigns. Drove sales growth by directing efforts towards targeted sales activities and enhancing the capabilities of individual sales representatives. This was achieved through the development and optimization of the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and the Account Engagement (Pardot) platform, resulting in increased sales figures Successfully renegotiated contracts with strategic partners to align with the company's ambitious growth strategy. Through this process, significant cost savings were achieved, effectively optimizing expenses while maintaining strong business relationships Revamped Proposal/Statement of Work (SOW) templates to elevate the sales lifecycle and enhance win rates from the proposal stage. The improved templates not only facilitated more compelling proposals but also led to better subscription renewal terms, maximising customer retention and revenue generation

Head of Global Sales
Jan ‘22 - Feb ‘23

Streamlined company cash flow by successfully implementing default annual payment terms for all subscription contracts and advanced payment terms for professional service projects. This initiative significantly improved cashflow management and ensured a more stable financial position for the company Introduced default 36-month terms on all subscription contracts, securing guaranteed revenue for future years and enabling more accurate company budgeting Optimized contract Gross Profit (GP) margins by 30% through the development and introduction of a new pricing structure for Managed Security Services (MSS) offerings. This pricing innovation created consistency and enhanced profitability while maintaining competitiveness in the market Enhanced sales efforts visibility by creating reporting dashboards within Salesforce that focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This empowered the sales team with actionable insights, enabling them to track and measure performance more effectively Boosted sales efforts' efficiency and effectiveness by developing a comprehensive sales representative playbook, go-to-market framework, and marketing success frameworks. These resources provided a clear roadmap for sales representatives, ensuring consistent and impactful execution of sales strategies As an individual contributor within the UK region, successfully secured a multi-million-pound contract with the UK Government. This achievement not only demonstrated exceptional sales prowess but also highlighted the ability to navigate complex sales processes and secure high-value partnerships

Client Success Lead/Account Manager, CERT & MSS/RMS
Mar ‘20 - Jan ‘22

Spearheaded the generation of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) through subscription services in the UK. Notably, there was no pre-existing ARR within the UK prior to my tenure Strengthened a key insurance partnership by collaborating closely with the partner to tailor our incident response (IR) services to precisely meet their requirements. As a result, our company emerged as their preferred vendor for Ransomware Incident Response and Post-Breach Remediation (PBR) Services Recognized the need for localised services and successfully identified and managed a strategic partner to provide PBR services directly from the UK. This expansion of our offerings allowed us to fulfil a gap in the UK market, where such services were not previously available through our company Demonstrated agility and responsiveness to major cybersecurity events in the industry by developing a cost-conscious service plan specifically tailored for our insurance partners to utilize during these critical incidents Implemented project management processes tailored to the local market in the UK, leading to improved client and partner communications. By aligning our project management practices with the specific needs and expectations of the UK market, we fostered stronger relationships and ensured smoother project execution Successfully onboarded dedicated project managers to the UK team, bolstering our capabilities in delivering exceptional client experiences. Furthermore, I continuously developed new processes to drive progression and foster sustainable growth within the UK market

Director of Business Operations
Jul ‘08 - Feb ‘20
Multiple Independent Fashion Boutique Stores

Successfully developed Store Manager, Store Operations, and Sales playbooks, resulting in the achievement of a scalable retail model. These comprehensive resources provided clear guidelines and best practices for store operations, leading to consistent and efficient execution across all locations Negotiated highly favourable store leasing terms with shopping centre landlords, resulting in a substantial reduction in overhead costs. These successful negotiations minimised financial burdens, optimizing profitability and creating a sustainable operating environment for the business Created a comprehensive business analytics dashboard from scratch using Microsoft Excel. This bespoke dashboard provided key insights for the business, enabling timely and informed strategic decisions. It included analysis of essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), benchmarking against industry best practices, cash flow analysis, sales tracking, product and resource forecasting, and overhead analysis Enhanced store sales capacity by identifying and developing key retail systems, including Electronic FundsTransfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) and robust stock management systems. These systems streamlined operations, improved inventory control, and ultimately increased sales efficiency and customer satisfaction Successfully achieved low staff turnover through the implementation of company values and performance appraisal processes. By establishing a positive work culture centred around shared values and offering regular performance assessments and feedback, employee retention was maximised, leading to a stable and motivated workforce Implemented security systems and processes that effectively decreased retail shrinkage. By proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, losses due to theft and other security-related incidents were significantly reduced, safeguarding the business's assets and improving overall profitability

English - Native
Turkish - Work Proficiency
Education & Training
University of Hertfordshire
‘05 - ‘08
Bachelor of Arts - BA (Hons)
Brentwood, UK