Daniel Thorogood



Daniel Thorogood

Freelance Creative Artworker

Current Location

Loughton, UK

Daniel is available for work

Specialities: Prepress Artworker, Large Format Printing, Retoucher, Creative Artworker (Able to work remotely as I have the Adobe Creative Suite and high speed broadband)

Having worked as an Artworker in the Digital Print and Design Industry for many years I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience using different programs and techniques. I have worked on a vast array of campaigns and projects bringing to life high quality work where precision is key for client satisfaction. I am fluent in Adobe Creative Suite integrating artworks through different programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. I have a trained eye for detail, colour precision and resolution as quality control was a key aspect of my role as Digital Manager. As a retoucher I have worked on a comprehensive amount of imagery for multiple content whether that require a great deal of retouching or colour adjustment to produce high end work at a large or small scale, thus making the understanding of imagery resolution crucial. I pride myself on my ability to listen, communicate effectively and relate to others on both a professional and personal level whilst working under pressure. Effective communication is critical to success particularly in a fast pace work environment. I have over the years worked with a wide range of materials and printers to produce beautiful pieces of work and brought to life some amazing brands. I have a front to back understanding of the production process having spent a number of years testing materials and machinery to achieve great and unique effects driven by the needs of the client. I have been pro-active over the years in identifying bottlenecks and driving process improvements leading to overall improved efficiency for the wider taskforce.

  • Brands Daniel has worked with
    • MCCGLC
    • Sophie Steller Studio
    • Media 10 Ltd
    • George P. Johnson Experience Marketing
    • Arthur London
    • Ltd Limited
    • 4cilities Ltd
    • Creative Graphic Solutions
  • Daniel's past titles
    • Freelance Creative
    • Freelance Creative
    • Freelance Creative
    • Creative Artworker
    • Freelance Creative
    • Artworker
    • Artworker
    • Digital Manager
    • Digital Assistant
    • Creative Artworker
    • Senior Graphic Designer
    • Graphic Designer
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  • Freelance Assignments

Freelance Creative Artworker


Jan 2022 - Present

* Deliver client briefs utilising innovative techniques
* Key point of contact with suppliers
* Checking with suppliers all the print proofs
* Quality control checks & final sign off
* Adapt artw...

Freelance Creative Artworker

Sophie Steller Studio

Oct 2021 - Present

* Design yarn swatch packs
* Update all text and swatch names extracted from Word documents
* Quality control checks & final sign off
* Produce final artwork for ready for output
* Solicit client...

Freelance Creative Artworker

Media 10 Ltd

Jul 2021 - Present

* Create Digital Banners, MPUs
* Create artworks for exhibitions/events within brand guidelines
* Design and produce Website pages using branding templates
* Design and produce presentation packs/...

Creative Artworker (Freelance)

George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

Oct 2018 - Present

• Quality control checks & final sign off
• Produce final artwork for ready for output
• Solicit client feedback & adapt artwork accordingly
• Produce visual packs
• Effective collaboration with ...

Freelance Creative Artworker

Arthur London

Oct 2021 - Jan 2022

* Update mail shots
* Design and produce presentation packs/Media Packs

  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Adobe InDesign


  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Artworking


  • Adobe Creative Suite


  • Printing




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