Lech Orlowski


Open to Opportunities

Lech Orlowski

Design for Business

Current Location

London, UK

Lech is open to new work opportunities

Highly experienced senior multidisciplinary
senior designer/art director with international companies
and clients, responsible for creating identity, corporate,
branding and business images. Able to lead, design and
implement all elements from conception to final production.

Experienced in visual identity, branding, art and photo direction,
conceptual web development, both print and digital, including
time management, cost estimation and human resource skills.
Responsible for establishing in-house guidelines of a new
visual identity for leading design, property development,
consulting and architectural clients.
Strong communication and motivational skills gained from
having good client liaison, presentation and design management
experience from Australia, USA, Ireland, Europe and UK.

  • Brands Lech has worked with
    • International Financial Systems Freelance
    • Matder Recycling Co Freelance
    • Ifinancial Banking Software International Freelance
    • Austvita Australia Ltd Freelance
    • Ching Communication Ltd Freelance
    • Dmg Events
    • Self-Employed Freelance
    • Instinctif, Aati
    • Dmg :: Events - Global Energy
    • Instinctif - All About the Idea
    • VEDA Associates
  • Lech's past titles
    • Senior Graphic Designer
    • Senior Designer
    • Freelance Designer
    • Senior Graphic Designer
    • Senior Graphic Designer
    • Senior Designer
    • Senior Graphic Designer
    • Senior Designer
    • Freelance Designer
    • Senior Graphic Designer
    • Visual Artist
Work Preference
Location Preference

To be discussed

Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Permanent Positions
  • Hourly Consulting

Senior Graphic Designer

International Financial Systems Freelance

Mar 2021 - Present

Senior Conceptual Designer

Matder Recycling Co Freelance

Jan 2021 - Present

Freelance Senior Designer

Ifinancial Banking Software International Freelance


Senior Graphic Designer

Austvita Australia Ltd Freelance

Jan 2020 - Present

Remote designer / art director freelancer remote Design development, branding and artwork for food supplements.

Senior Graphic Designer

Ching Communication Ltd Freelance

Sep 2019 - Present

Design, artwork, 3D rendering and illustration for Ching Communication of The FIPP World Media Congress in LA, USA.

  • Typography


  • Advertising


  • Illustration


  • Packaging


  • Art Direction


  • Concept Development


  • Graphics


  • Brand Development




Sydney College


Design and Visual Communications, General

1985 to 1987

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