Wen Ma

Senior HR Business partner

14 years of HR experience, good at providing HR solutions based on Strategy and business needs. Have an engineer and coach mindset, good at analysis and always proactive in seeking solutions to help the team. Always striving to be a great business partner. Career Path

Previous Brands
Work Experience
HR technical partner
May ‘21 - Now

Building the great diversity and inclusion team from the following five aspects: 1. Recruiting a diverse team, 40% female and 18 nationalities. 2. Organizing teams to define, learn and live the company values. 3. Helping leaders to improve their leadership skills by organizing 1 on 1s workshop, leadership workshop. 4. OKRs and training management. 5. Organizing engagement survey and implement the improvement action plan. 2022 Powder got the Diversity Talent Award at France Digitale

Senior HRBP Manger
May ‘20 - May ‘21

5 subordinates, helped the team to improve their organizational skills in the following three aspects: 1. Motivating employees' morale, from promoting corporate culture, helping 1on 1s and coaching between subordinates and superiors, optimizing incentive programs, and giving employees a clear understanding of the company's development direction. 2. Improving team capability, strengthen recruitment and integration of key talents, hired over 100 new employees recruited in one year, talent review and create a backup for senior and mid-level leaders. 3. Improving organizational efficiency, provide talent support based on business data changes, conduct regular employee interviews, and assist employees in solving problems. 2020 Best New Employee at MGI

HRBP Head / HRM / HR
Aug ‘08 - Apr ‘20

1000+ ppl 7 subordinates, provided HR service to the develop and sales teams from the following five aspects: 1. HRBP team management, coaching and supporting HRBP team members to work better on how to support the develop and sales team 2. Participating in strategy formulation and HR strategy implementation. 3. Carrying out the training of reserve cadres of middle and senior managers, 5 senior managers and 30 middle managers are trained 4. Creating corporate culture atmosphere, corporate values through reading within the team, open competition among management, internal training and case sharing. 5. Communicate with employees efficiently, visit customers with business teams, organize team dinners, birthday parties, etc.

French - Basic
English - Work Proficiency
Chinese - Native
Paris, France