Wen Ma



Wen Ma

Senior HR Business partner

Current Location

Paris, France

Wen is available for work

14 years of HR experience, good at providing HR solutions based on Strategy and business needs. Have an engineer and coach mindset, good at analysis and always proactive in seeking solutions to help the team. Always striving to be a great business partner. Career Path

  • Brands Wen has worked with
    • Powder
    • MGI
    • Tengen
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Open to Full-time work

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HR technical partner


May 2021 - Present

Building the great diversity and inclusion team from the following five aspects:
1. Recruiting a diverse team, 40% female and 18 nationalities.
2. Organizing teams to define, learn and live the compan...

Senior HRBP Manger


May 2020 - May 2021

5 subordinates, helped the team to improve their organizational skills in the following three aspects:
1. Motivating employees' morale, from promoting corporate culture, helping 1on 1s and coaching be...

HRBP Head / HRM / HR


Aug 2008 - Apr 2020

1000+ ppl 7 subordinates, provided HR service to the develop and sales teams from the following five aspects: 1. HRBP team management, coaching and supporting HRBP team members to work better on how t...

  • Leadership


  • Recruiting


  • Performance Analysis


  • Train Employees


  • Culture Development


  • Relationship Coach


  • Payroll





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