Emilie Lavialle



Emilie Lavialle

Freelance consultant, content creator for training program and styling sessions for fashion brands.

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Paris, France

Emilie is available for work

Passionate about experimental creative projects between Fashion and Art.

Work as: Freelance for artistic & educational projects: Visual concept strategy, Teamwork leader, Budget management, D-Day operations set-up supervisor.

Work in: -Fashion Insight Consultant @Kenzo @LVMH Content Creator of Training Learning Programs, connecting people to 'the best of both worlds' from Kenzo Takada to Nigo. -Fashion Design 'Streetwear' Professor & Consultant @Modart Paris

Work in progress: Building of fashion & cultural events company (Contact me if you Needtoknow more !)

Work in a past life: Head of Visual Merchandising @Chanel, @Gant Paris - London Visual Identity Manager @Eres

  • Brands Emilie has worked with
    • ELC Consulting
    • Mod'Art International Paris
    • KENZO Mode
    • GANT France
    • ERES - Groupe Chanel
    • CHANEL
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Building of a cultural and fashion events company

ELC Consulting

Sep 2022 - Present

Contact me if you NeedToKnow more :-)

Streetwear Culture Consultant

Mod'Art International Paris

Jan 2019 - Present

'Streetwear', cours & workshops, 2eme année 'Bachelor Styliste' 'Sportswear', cours & workshops, 1er année 'Management de la mode' ' Visual Merchandising' Workshop & Paris store tour, International st...

Global Product Training Manager


Sep 2014 - Present

Manager du service 'Products Training' pour l'ensemble des marchés Europe & International. Création du catalogue des outils et formations produits PAP & Accessoires: Training books, Collection Trainin...

Visual Merchandiser Manager

GANT France

Feb 2010 - Aug 2014

Responsable de l'image de la marque sur son réseau de 30 boutiques en France, création des concepts vitrines et displays in-store, corners en grands magasins, et multimarques en France. Management d'u...

Responsable de l'identité visuelle

ERES - Groupe Chanel

Sep 2007 - Apr 2008

Création des vitrines en collaboration avec la styliste et l'architecte Eres. Réalisation des Guidelines saisonnières des vitrines et des displays. Création de brief d'inspiration pour le nouveau mann...

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