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Geeta Goswami


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Manchester, UK

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A track record of being a successful team leader with efective visual and presentation skills, unafraid to communicate and facilitate strong ideas across to a large group. Due to 12+ years of experience in the trade, extensive knowledge of product ranges, markets and consumer bases are present. Excellent at negotiating prices with experience in international sourcing with countries such as India, Bangladesh, Turkey and the Middle East. Problem-solver by nature by being analytical and a quick decision maker even in fast paced environments. Previous history of increasing profit margins and experience atending multiple fashion show trips within the UK and Far East. Well versed with trend research sites such as WGSN and Style Sight. Top tier knowledge of global supply chains with strong proficiency of Microsoft Ofice.

  • Brands Geeta has worked with
    • Club L London
    • Inox London Ltd
    • Silverknit Ltd
    • Moretrends Ltd
    • Moreglam Ltd
    • British Gas
  • Geeta's past titles
    • Head of Sourcing
    • Head of Sourcing
    • Head of Sourcing
    • Lead Buyer
    • Senior Merchandiser
    • Team Lead
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  • Permanent Positions

Head of Sourcing

Club L London

Jan 2022 - Now

In this role, I look after and manage a wide supplier database to ensure quality standards are met for the development of new ranges. Alongside this I am responsible for setting up new branches for ex...

Head of Buying and Sourcing

Inox London Ltd

Jan 2017 - Now

In this role, I look after many UK based customers whilst being responsible for planning and development of multiple new ranges. I am also in charge of managing the sales whilst monitoring our targets...

Head of Buying and Sourcing

Silverknit Ltd

Jan 2012 - Jan 2017

Silverknit is a company that specialised in Women's and Children's wear. During my time here, I was responsible for the creation and implementation of a new sourcing and management strategy to push th...

Head Buyer

Moretrends Ltd

Jan 2008 - Jan 2012

In this role, I worked alongside commodity leadership to create business strategies to increase profit margins. I was also in charge of creating business policies to help meet business targets and the...

Senior Merchandiser

Moreglam Ltd

Jan 2004 - Jan 2008

In this role, I was responsible for all orders placed in china and India from start to completion. I was lead on researching the latest trends and predicting the customer demand. I was also in charge ...

  • buying ,sourcing ,procurement, production ,negotiations


  • buying


  • Procurement Outsourcing


  • Production Activity Control


  • Negotiation


  • Garment Costing


  • Garment Manufacturing


  • Fashion Buying





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