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Pierre Garroudi

Fashion Director

Current Location

London, UK

Pierre is available for work

With over 30 year in the fashion industry, working in all areas of fashion from developing, designing producing and promoting garments, as well as my own label brand. I pride myself on being self motivated, confident and hardworking to achieve success in my chosen career. I am now seeking to support other entrepreneurs, as well as companies on a consultancy basis, to help build their brand by identifying opportunities, undertaking promotional campaigns in order to increase market share.

  • Brands Pierre has worked with
    • Pierre Garroudi Gallery/boutique
    • Pierre Garroudi Boutique
  • Pierre's past titles
    • Designer
    • Sales Associate
    • Sales Associate
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To be discussed

Work Pattern

Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
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Art director, fashion designer, fashion consultant

Self employed

Aug 2012 - Present

Engaged with many companies such as Arcadia group to design their clothing lines
Identified materials, textures, colours, and silhouettes in order to produce merchandise
Supported marketing of shop ...

Fashion Director

Pierre Garroudi Gallery/boutique

Apr 2003 - Jul 2012

Produced and sold own label clothing lines by:
•Promoted the gallery/boutique to the general public, so that they can purchase merchandise
•Liaised, networked in order to promote my brand

Fashion Director

Pierre Garroudi Boutique

Jan 1991 - Jan 2001

Owned 4 fashion boutiques in Manhatton which involved:
•Managing and producing my clothing brand for my boutique stores
•Employed a team of sales, production staff to produce, sell my brand

  • Organisational and planning of fashion campaigns and shows


  • Excellent development of producing and selling own label garments


  • Attention to detail to ensure that clothing was in demand


  • Excellent communication and marketing strategy


  • Language – Fluent in English and French


  • highly knowledgeable about fabrics and sewing



Work Proficiency


Work Proficiency

Not specified.

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