Harshil Kanuga

Sales & Marketing
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I bring over six years of diverse experience in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce, Education, and Retail, with a focus on Sales Management, Lead Generation, Business Planning, and Digital Marketing. I have a proven track record in organizing and managing various events in both B2B and B2C sectors, including corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows, and Weekend Window events, showcasing my versatility in event coordination. I am well-prepared to address current business challenges, particularly in SaaS and CRM, with expertise in Website Optimization, Email Marketing, and PR marketing strategy, including Google Ads, keywords, local paper ads, banner ads, and radio/TV commercials. Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to explore potential opportunities that align with my diverse skill set and extensive professional experience.

Previous Brands
Café Oz Australian Bar
Skyblue Group
Super Twenty Training Institute
Work Experience
Floor Manager
Jun ‘21 - Jul ‘23
Café Oz Australian Bar

Achievements: 1. Team Supervision: • Managed and directed a team of 20 floor staff for smooth operations and top-notch customer service. • Customer Interaction: Engaged with customers to ensure satisfaction and addressed any complaints or concerns. 2. Efficiency Improvement: • Introduced a scheduling system that optimized staffing, reducing labor costs by 15% while maintaining excellent customer service.

Social Media Consultant
Jan ‘21 - May ‘21

Achievements: 1. Strategic Branding and Social Media Campaign: • Devised effective brand strategies, implementing a social media campaign. • Achieved a 35% increase in total social media engagement and a 40% increase in website conversions. 2. Digital Ecosystem Management and Analytics: • Managed digital ecosystems, enhancing product positioning. • Utilized analytical tools to track and measure marketing campaign success. • Achieved an average click-through rate of 15% and a conversion rate of 20%. 3. Collaboration and Brand Awareness: • Contributed to the digital go-to-market strategy. • Collaborated with social media influencers, leading to a 50% increase in brand awareness.

Business Development
Jan ‘18 - Jan ‘19
Skyblue Group

Achievements: 1. Design Awareness Collaboration: • Collaborated with Skyblue Design and various educational institutions at international, national, and local levels to enhance design awareness. 2. Engagement Events and Inquiries: • Conducted 100+ engagement events for art activities in preschools, fostering brand recognition. • Organized 50+ events in national and local schools, resulting in a substantial 20% increase in in-house inquiries. 3. Corporate Events: • Spearheaded impactful national and local corporate events to boost brand awareness. • Orchestrated successful B2B trade shows, securing valuable tie-ups with international, national, and local universities. 4. Franchise Expansion and Support: • Successfully opened 4 franchises at different locations. • Provided pre-launch support, managed the hiring process, and conducted staff training. 5. Regional Sales Team and PR Marketing: • Equipped and trained a regional and local sales team of 30 people for effective engagement with educational institutions. • Managed a comprehensive PR marketing strategy, including Google Ads, keywords, local paper ads, banner ads, and radio/TV commercials.

Head of Opertation
Jan ‘17 - Jan ‘18
Super Twenty Training Institute

Achievements : 1. Team Management and Performance : • Trained and supervised a team of 6, achieving a 19% increase in in-house inquiries and improving brand identity. 2. Brand Marketing and Franchise Expansion : • Spearheaded B2B trade shows and B2C events, strategically positioning the brand for diverse clientele engagement. • Expanded the franchisee network by 3 new franchises and acquired customers through effective brand marketing. 3. Strategic PR Operations and Business Partnerships : • Devised and executed strategic PR operations, fostering partnerships with 30 new business associates. • Generated 100+ inquiries through B2C events like public speaking and intellectual games. 4. Comprehensive PR Marketing Strategy : • Managed a comprehensive PR marketing strategy, including Google Ads, keywords, local paper ads, banner ads, and radio/TV commercials.

English - Native
French - Work Proficiency
Hindi - Native
Gujarati - Native
Education & Training
Paris School of Business
‘19 - ‘21
International Business development
Master Degree in International Marketing and Business Development (MSc).
California State University
‘16 - ‘17
International Business
Gujarat University
‘11 - ‘13
IT Computer
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Paris, France