Senior Merchandiser

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Ajman - United Arab Emirates

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CAREER OBJE C TI VE Footwear & leather goods export Merchandiser with over 8 years of experience, training and supervising production staff while planning and implementing development strategies for High fashion International Market. Seeking to bring my proven track record of proving successful merchandising tactics and team-leading skills into a senior management position. Exploring for assignments in buying & Merchandising with a growth-oriented Firm.

  • Brands ANKIT has worked with
    • Paragon Footwear Industry /
    • Grand Step HK Ltd. /
    • Gupta HC Overseas (I)
  • ANKIT's past titles
    • Senior Merchandiser
    • Assistant Merchandiser
    • Merchandiser
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Senior Merchandiser

Paragon Footwear Industry /

May 2018 - Present

Presently I'm working in role of Sr. Merchandiser. Paragon Footwear is one of a very well established & famed company among GCC Countries.
•Communicating with Customer for developments and access of...

Assistant Merchandiser

Grand Step HK Ltd. /

Aug 2016 - Sep 2017

I Worked here as Sales Executive, clients were US based like
•Maurice's, Charlotte russe, Buckles, Liverpool, SFG & many more.
•Main Responsibility is to grow organization's Business which includes...

Assistant merchandiser

Gupta HC Overseas (I)

Jan 2014 - Jul 2016

  • Excel Dashboards


  • Planning


  • Merchandising Strategies


  • Sourcing


  • Communication


  • Sample Development



Not specified.

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