Akinbolaji Osunsina


With over 10 years of professional experience working in the luxury fashion industry, I have acquired a broad knowledge of what luxury fashion means to consumers and gained experience within the creative and financial aspects of the business. I approach my roles with commercial awareness and creative passion. I obtain a wealth of knowledge in creative research, styling, art direction, commercial awareness and management databases, resource analysis, and an in-depth understanding of client retention, stakeholder management, and project coordination which have helped me excel in my previous and current roles.

Previous Brands
David Koma
Louis Vuitton
Work Experience
Aug ‘19 - Aug ‘23
Louis Vuitton

- Ensured seamless recruitment of new clients, forging strong relationships by driving new sales strategies by cross-functional collaboration with departments to gain deep insights into client's needs consistently exceeding expectations and generating revenue to achieve annual targets.  - Maintaining and growing current clients by leveraging reports to create strategies to increase sales by strategically establishing various touch points within clients, creating curated events, and driving one-to-one appointments to maintain high customer satisfaction levels to identify new sale opportunities, resulting in an impressive expansion rate of 10% within the targeted portfolio.  - Expertly curated and introduced fresh seasonal collections, all while preserving a steadfast dedication to timeless and enduring styles. This meticulous approach ensures a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition in the brand's product offerings, resonating with a diverse and discerning clientele.  - Strategically marketed products across essential platforms to amplify brand visibility, fostering a broader audience reach and heightened market presence. Concurrently, meticulously tracked stock levels and sales performances across all departments, driven by insightful competitor analysis research, to maintain a competitive edge and adapt swiftly to market dynamics, ensuring sustained growth.

Senior Clientele Consultant
Aug ‘17 - Sep ‘19

- Managed a team of sales associates across multiple departments and implemented performance metrics and training programs, resulting in a high increase in sales productivity and increase in KPI, upselling, and cross-selling. - Elevating brand loyalty, I served as a dedicated "Gucci Ambassador," championing the brand's distinctive vision and philosophy. This active role ensured that I was engaging clients in meaningful dialogue, I offered insights into prevailing luxury market trends and tailored our offerings to meet their unique requirements by doing this simultaneously, I consistently surpassed both personal and team sales targets while upholding unwavering service excellence, resulting in satisfied clientele and sustained sales growth.  - Working in tandem with the visual merchandising team, I strategically designed layouts that not only enhance profitability but also stay in perfect harmony with the brand's overarching vision. This synergy between aesthetics and profitability ensures a cohesive and compelling shopping experience for the clientele.  - Excelling in my role, I consistently surpass personal and team sales targets, selling a high bar for performance. Simultaneously, I maintained unwavering service standards, ensuring that each customer interaction was marked by exceptional service, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction

Sales Consultant
Jun ‘15 - Oct ‘16

- I collaborated closely with my team to ensure the achievement of our targets, leveraging collective efforts and expertise. I also played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless implementation of departmental plans and establishing structured schedules that were crucial for effective operations and goal attainment. - I took charge of driving and maximising both sales and profits, employing strategic initiatives and sales techniques to achieve outstanding results. Additionally, I offered clients a personalised and exclusive one-on-one shopping experience, fostering stronger connections and increasing customer satisfaction, which in turn positively impacted sales and profitability for the business.

Studio Assistant
Jan ‘15 - Mar ‘15
David Koma

During my time at David Koma, I took on the role of both Studio Assistant and Production Assistant. I worked closely with the studio manager in preparing the materials and samples ready for production. Working with materials like macramé to patent leather sent from Italy to beaded pieces from India After fashion week, my responsibility was more focused on production for manufacturing. Preparing and drafting the pattern pieces and also the blocks in size order ready to be sent off to the factory for production. Checking the stock availability for all materials needed for manufacturing.

English - Fluent
Education & Training
Central Saint Martins
‘21 - ‘21
Art Direction
Mastered Accelerator
‘17 - ‘18
Fashion Design and Marketing
Leeds College of Art
‘11 - ‘14
Fashion Design & Realisation
Barnet College
‘09 - ‘11
BTEC National Diploma
Fashion & Clothing
London, UK