Marcelo Sanchez



Marcelo Sanchez

Retail / Collection Merchandiser

Current Location

Barcelona, Spain

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Marcelo was born and lived in Spain as he simultaneously attended school in France for 10 years.
He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Law in 2003 (Bilbao, Deusto) and moved the same month to London where he stayed for three years, working in fashion retail and marketing.
He decided to move to Milan in 2007 to pursue his experience in the fashion industry as Export Manager for an Italian group of fashion brands.
Three years later –in 20210- he moved to Paris to join the "MBA Luxe" at ESSEC, an LVMH linked program where he studied the French alchemy on managing luxury brands. This opened the doors to an 8 years journey in Retail and Collection Merchandising as well as Product Marketing -Prada and Bvlgari- with a focus in Accessories.
In 2019, confused between passion and work addiction, profitability and creativity, heart and brain, he treats himself with 10 months of self exploration, diving into Yoga and meditation in the Far-East.

After such a reset period, he creates in 2020 his own brand project: CHATTouché, a collection of conscious accessories that embrace multi culturality. His professional goal in 2023 is to dive again into the Fashion Industry offering a reshuffled sensitivity on people and industry competitive synergies.

  • Brands Marcelo has worked with
    • CHATTouché
    • Worldwide
    • Leathergoods Asia Pacific
    • Slowear
    • Emporio Armani
    • ZARA
  • Marcelo's past titles
    • Brand Director
    • Global Marketing Director
    • Collection Merchandiser
    • Retail Merchandiser
    • Wholesale Manager
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Visual Merchandising Manager
    • Market Researcher
    • Visual Merchandiser
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Brand Founder & Director


Jul 2020 - Present

Values: #ThinkingnonDuality, #SharetheWorld, #NoGenderThanks Categories: Hats, bags and Jewelry. 12 points of (re)sale in 4 countries + directly operated e-commerce. Collaborations: - Mauro Balletti p...

Product marketing Director Worldwide


Nov 2017 - Oct 2019

Main achieved challenges:
-Flipthe sales ratio between new and continuative (in downtrend) bags offer from 30% -70% to 65%-35% .
-Rebuidlegitimacy and relevance of the iconic items in the collection...

Collection Merchandiser & Retail merchandiser


Oct 2013 - Oct 2017

Head of product strategy -retail and wholesale- of the men's, unisex and travel lines, business over 300 million Euro. Interacted and reported directly to the company CEO, Mr. Patrizio Bertelli Key re...

Retail Merchandiser

Leathergoods Asia Pacific

Apr 2011 - Dec 2013

Seasonal buying, replenishments and product selection and life cycle management to support image consistency and sales growth in the area

Wholesale Export Manager


Jul 2007 - Feb 2009

Responsible for the distribution of brands Incotex, Zanone, GlansShirts, Montedoro.

  • Product Analysis


  • Market Analysis


  • Sales Analysis


  • Leadership


  • Collection Strategy


  • Collections Management


  • Collection Maintenance










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