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Dweet is the professional community for the luxury & fashion industry. We are digitally enabled and powered by humans to provide a high-touch and effective customer experience.

Our core team have backgrounds in luxury & fashion, digital, recruitment and consulting, which positions us perfectly to provide a unique and innovative talent solution for the industry and people we serve.



After more than 16 years working around the world for the luxury fashion industry I have experienced the joys and pains of managing stores and retail networks. As a result, I know that building a great team is instrumental to any House's success. I have always been passionate about creating an experience for the customer in the store that makes them want to keep coming back and you have to have the right people to achieve this. It is a real time of change in the Luxury & Fashion industry and customers are more demanding than ever before. I believe there is a real opportunity now for innovative solutions that can help the brands succeed in this fast-changing marketplace.



Prior to starting this exciting journey at Dweet, I worked in the recruitment industry for over 18 years. I’ve had the pleasure of working internationally with a diverse group of people, serving many different customers. I’ve learned that organisations are looking for more agility in their workforce to help them navigate and succeed in such a competitive business environment. At the same time an increasing number of people are looking for a different career journey, many of them prioritising flexibility above compensation or status.



I co-founded my first business at the age of 19 studying at university, which through a customer-centric approach became the largest and most loved organic Instagram growth SAAS product. Through my first business I realised an acute passion for building and scaling the most beautiful digital user experiences. Today, I’m working on providing the luxury staffing industry the digital experience it needs to enable its transformation into more modern and productive ways of working.


An agile workforce for the new era of Fashion & Luxury.

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