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Digital / Retail / Creative / Operations

Flexible Talent

Project based consulting or freelancing assignment. Remote or in-person.

Our community of curated fashion & luxury professionals are available for short- or long-term projects.

Advice / Transformation / Exec Support

On-Demand Advisory

One-to-one direct video conversations with our industry experts.

Connect with director-level professionals to help you move forward with business ideas and challenges.

Some of the brands our consultants have worked for

"With our exclusive community of selected professionals from the fashion & luxury industry, we aim to provide you with the people you need, only when you need them."

- Laurent, Co-Founder of Dweet

The Dweet Community

The Dweet community is an extremely diverse group of talent with different backgrounds and experience. Every community member we connect you with has been vetted, is qualified and is available for short or long-term projects.

What you get with Dweet

Experienced professionals on demand

We provide pre-vetted fashion & luxury professionals for freelance, consulting or temporary projects to meet your changing business needs.

Bring diversity of expertise

We have talent from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and skills, but all are passionate about the fashion and luxury industry.

Individual and team solutions

We can provide a whole team for a dedicated project, or a specific individual that can make an impact where you need it most.

Talent as a service

We provide flexible talent solutions as a service, removing the administrative and compliance challenges of direct hiring.

Access to our community

We offer exclusive access to our community free of charge. No subscription, no retainer. Pay only when you engage our professionals.

Let's talk!

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If you don't like forms, you can reach us at, call us on +44 20 3883 2150 or book a meeting.


An agile workforce for the new era of Fashion & Luxury.

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