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Fashion Market Expert
Permanent contract
Paris, France

As a Fashion Expert, you are at the centre of sales, product and marketing strategies, helping to make
a complex product intelligible and convincing to all our prospects. You will work with all teams to
advance our comprehension of the industry and those who work in it, helping to strengthen
Heuritech’s position as an industry expert.
Here are your main responsibilities:
1. Market watch:  luxury, contemporary, mass market, and sportswear
●Conduct 360 market research: sales interviews, win/loss analysis, competitive watch, market

2. Internal: Monitor and create content  
●Become the reference for knowledge on our customer bases and markets (user & buyer
persona, market trends, segment analysis, competitive analysis, etc)
●Outline the product positioning and ensure it is communicated clearly to customers, industry
analysts, media, and users
3. External: Create and support the marketing and sales team to promote our product
●Create content and materials on how to articulate the value proposition to our prospects
○Create the most effective messaging around our value proposition
○Gather proof of our product effectiveness and better ways to improve it
○Create content adapted to each of our personas and industries, making it easy to
understand our product offerings: sales deck, case studies, FAQs, product demos
4. Make your documentation adopted by sales and marketing
In order to be sure that your creations will be understood and adopted by the sales team, you’ll make
sure to:
●Create a relationship of trust with the sales team
●Identify the areas of improvement
●Design a training plan and organize training for them
●Organize your documentation and toolkit as simply as possible for them to easily access what
they need
5. Support Product and CSM Team in the platform’s evolution
Through your comprehension of the industry and our users, you will work closely with the product team
on new services and functionalities of our Platform.
Qualifications and Attributes

●Fashion culture mandatory    
●At least five years of experience in the fashion industry, ideally in collection management,
merchandising, or product development in the mass market industry
●One experience in a consulting company is a plus
●Storytelling skills: ability to understand, synthesize, and explain complex problems
●Great sense of analysis
●‘Customer-obsession’ and business-driven mindset
●Accuracy and attention to detail, impeccable grammar
●Ability to thrive in a collaborative team environment
●Master’s level of studies, strong skills in studies and/or marketing
●Fluent English
●French-speaking is a plus

Collection Strategy (Advanced)
Market Analysis (Advanced)
Marketing (Advanced)
Product Analysis (Advanced)
Trend Analysis (Advanced)
English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)

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