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Buyer Fabrics and Supplies with Jean Paul Gaultier

    • Location

      Paris, France

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    • Level

      Senior Manager

  • Expertise
    • Haute Couture
    • Collection Development
    • Supplier Management
    • Purchase Management


The creator of this Haute Couture house likes to shake things up with humour, understanding very early on the concerns and issues of a multicultural society, playing with established sociological and aesthetic codes. Beyond the exceptional Haute Couture savoir-faire, this Haute Couture House offers an open vision of society, a world of madness, sensitivity, humour and impertinence where each person can assert themselves as they are. The house is looking for a Freelance Senior Collection Fabrics and Supplies Buyer / Purchaser. Based in Paris for a 6 month contract. Start date: early April.

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Haute Couture


Collection Development


Supplier Management


Purchase Management


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Job Description

Sourcing of fabrics / supplies Haute Couture:
- Visit exhibitions, find out about competitors collections
- Prepare a selection and propose seasonal materials and new techniques
- Guide the selection by following the material collection plan, budget and deadlines
- Ensure a consistent offer (type of materials, different weights, prices etc.)
- Control the number of suppliers, qualities and colors
- Have a stable, precise, balanced supply of suppliers meeting needs and constraints
- Find new partners according to needs if necessary
- Monitor the proper integration of service providers and suppliers upstream and downstream of the company's production processes
Purchase of fabrics / supplies Haute Couture:
- Order materials / supplies and ensure delivery times
- Create SEO in PLM
- Validate orders and invoices, coordinate the link with accounting
- Respect the allocated budget
- Ensure the proper fulfillment of negotiated contractual conditions
- Development of special fabric / embroidery / leather
- Manage supply times on a daily basis and meet collection deadlines.
- Use our PLM system and IT tool
- Receive and control materials
- Manage the stock (inventory, warehouse returns, production relations))
Advice and product knowledge:
- Advise designers
- Know the material / model attributes
- Guide the choices or alert if attributions are not suitable or do not make sense from a production / price / time point of view
- Preparation of pre-purchase appointments
- Know the consumables of coll and stocks
- Alert if changes in progress on certain materials or quality issues.
- Anticipate the difficulties of industrialization of fabrics in collaboration with material development / testing
- Propose and set up alternative sourcing when necessary
- Ensure regulatory compliance
- Take charge of the price negotiation part
- Transmission of information to controlled production and within the dates set.
- Be a technical support for the production if necessary.
- Optimize our prologue stocks by collaborating with the production teams
- Manage and reduce the stock of unused production material by offering them in the seasonal selection, or for special projects
- Also offer overstocking for material pre-purchases for carry-over materials.
- Set up a material clearance once a year on the collection stock
- Lead a team of buyers and coordinate their activities
- Set and monitor goals
- Creation of regular reporting tools to be put in place (stock, deadlines, qualities / suppliers, budget)
- Continuously monitor costs and purchasing budget
- Provide reporting to the collection director and the business departments of the company
Required profile
Education and level of experience required: You are specialized and already have a strong experience in a Haute Couture / luxury house (minimum 10 years).
Qualifications required: 
High capacity for work in a demanding environment; Excellent knowledge of Haute Couture and the luxury industry; Essential team spirit. Sense of communication and interpersonal skills; Responsiveness, autonomy, versatility and punctuality.
Languages: Excellent level of English and French essential.
Additional information: Product knowledge.

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