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Supervisor - Pop up
London, UK


  • As a Supervisor at Skims, you will lead and manage a team of sales associates to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly sales targets.
  • You shall ensure that your team provides excellent customer service to all customers and maintains high store standards.
  • We expect you to train and develop your team on product knowledge, selling techniques, and brand values.
  • You shall handle customer complaints and feedback in a timely and professional manner, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • We expect you to maintain inventory levels and oversee stock management processes, including receiving, shipping, and replenishing products.


  • You must have excellent communication skills to lead and motivate a team of employees.
  • We require you to have previous experience in supervising staff in a retail or customer service environment.
  • You should possess strong problem-solving abilities and be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • We expect you to be highly organized and capable of multitasking in a fast-paced environment.
  • You must have the ability to train new hires and provide ongoing coaching and feedback to existing employees.
  • As a leader at Skims, we value inclusivity and diversity and require you to promote these values through your actions and behavior.
Customer Service (Advanced)
Hosting Events (Advanced)
Management (Advanced)
Organisational Skills (Advanced)
English (Fluent)

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