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Commercial Manager
DAR Proyectos
  1. Sales strategy Europe - Review of existing strategy and feedback on market opportunities.
  2. Sales agent - be a commission based representative of the brand in Europe. Priorities within our niche are high-end design based museum stores and influential home decor boutiques. Take existing stockists as a starting point and reinvigorate brand offer with new products. We need to leverage these relationships to reactivate sales and further enable publicity within Europe thanks to retailers available to purchase from (Liberty London, Artek, Ideat, Conran Shop are the main retailers - Ideat could be more publicity based)
  3. Support to find a well-matched PR contact or promotional events to participate in prior to and following the our attendance at Maison et Objet in September/launch for fall/holiday 2023.
Freelance / Consultant
Commercial Development (Advanced)
Promotion Planning (Advanced)
Sales Analysis (Advanced)
Sales Strategy (Advanced)
English (Fluent)
French (Work Proficiency)
Spanish (Work Proficiency)

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