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Assistant Store Manager
Maje UK
Permanent contract
London, UK

Assistant Store Manager - Maje- UK/London


- Boost turnover: identify and address customer needs, advise customers on appropriate product ranges and collections.

- Handle transactions and develop customer loyalty by leading by example and encouraging store assistants.

- Follow up the sales indicators of the POS and perform daily business launches with the Manager

- Convey and guarantee the high-end image of the brand at the point of sale


- Pass on knowledge and know-how to the team and work alongside the Manager

- Motivate teams and drive excellence within the store

- Practical skills and leadership skills: apply and ensure compliance with internal procedures and defined action plans

- Monitor the activities of employees to ensure best performances

- Delegate activities in an appropriate manner and follow up and monitor completion

Stock management:

- Receive and check receipt of deliveries

- Store and supervise storage of products on the shop floor or in the stockroom

- Scan items and check scanning and general compliance with the security instructions

- Monitor and have staff monitor the merchandise

- Perform cyclic stock-takes to minimise loss

HR and staff management:

- Assist with recruitment

- Collect and forward the information on staff to ensure smooth onboarding

- Ensure compliance with labour law at the point of sale - follow-up of contracts and amendments, working hours and safety

- Draw up team rotas and manage working hours

- Identify and manage internal conflicts with the help of the Area Manager

Administrative organisation:

- Check the cash registers and the safe

- Handle the bank deposits safely

- Assign keys and ensure point-of-sale security measures with experience in store closing

Customer Interaction (Advanced)
KPI Reports (Advanced)
Performance Reporting (Advanced)
Retail Sales (Advanced)
Store Opening (Advanced)
English (Fluent)

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