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Data Project Manager
Permanent contract
Paris, France

Context :

Several Product data improvement projects within the department were carried out and resulted in the production and democratization of key KPIs for the industry (sell in, sell out, margin). Nevertheless, Product data remains heterogeneous, little used and worked in silos. The creation of data governance and the establishment of a data-driven culture at the company's scale have been established as strategic objectives of the brand within the framework of the 2026 strategic plan. Of these issues, your main missions are as follows:

Standardization and centralization of Product data:

● Set up a governance of the Product Master Data in close collaboration with the BPOs of the different fields (Collection merchandising, Product development, Retail merchandising, Industrialization, Production, Supply, CSR) in order to:

o Analyze the Product data required by the different fields and uses

o Define management rules for reference data and Product attributes accordingly

o Ensure the completeness of data throughout the Product lifecycle

● Deploy the rules and practices around the Product repository with the teams to ensure the rationalization and homogenization of Product data, regardless of the category and / or business

● Ensure the evolution of the Product repository over time in line with the roadmap of categories and strategic pillars of the Textile offer

● Build with the IT and business teams the automatic feeding of a central Product repository common to all (workflows and management rules)

Use of Product data:

● Automate the production of KPIs for monitoring the performance of the collections, in conjunction with the IT / BI teams, and in line with the structure of the Textile offer and the brand's strategic ambitions

● Identify areas for improving the quality of Product data for the brand's BtoB (Salesforce) and BtoC (digital flagship) tools

● Supporting teams in understanding and integrating Product data and KPIs into their uses

Product data specialist:

● Representing the Product department in the context of management projects and / or governance of Product data within the company

● Study the advisability of using existing data management tools (eg Anaplan)

Profile and Skills:

● Minimum 5 to 8 years of experience as a business analyst in the fashion industry

● Strong product sensitivity and knowledge of product development businesses

● Significant experience in IT project management, including a change support component

● Fluent English essential

● Computer skills (Powerpoint, Word, Excel)

Required qualities :

● Strong rigor and analytical mind

● Excellent teacher, you know how to immerse yourself in business issues as well as interact with IT teams

● Agility and strong team spirit, excellent communicator 

Business Intelligence (Bi) (Advanced)
Buying & Merchandising (Intermediate)
Collection Merchandising (Intermediate)
Data Analysis (Advanced)
Data Management (Advanced)
Excellent Communication (Advanced)
Project Coordination (Advanced)
Project Management (Advanced)
Strategic Business Development (Advanced)
French (Fluent)
English (Work Proficiency)

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