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Retail Operations Manager
Permanent contract
Paris, France

Position Western Europe Retail Operation Manager 

Supérieur hiérarchique: Western Europe Regional Director 

Key Responsibilities of the position 

Manage and drive retail activities on a Daily basis 

  • Manage and oversee the daily store operation such as sales, expense control, inventory management, security and safety
  • Ensure Highest Level of customer service and Store Experience 
  • Proactive problem solving to daily store related issues raised by managers / staff 
  • Responsible for cost control and effectiveness in operation by monitoring all system activities 
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis and reporting of sales results 

Inventory Management and back office optimization 

  • Managing inventory activities at the country/ store level and managing in stock movements 


  • Piloting on inventory schedule and monitoring inventory results 
  • Monitoring and overseing stock capacities of the stores 
  • Adjusting accordingly in relation with business partners 

Ensuring the perfect implementation of Global Retail guidelines related to sales support and to 

the back of House 

  • Leading and coordinating with the departements involved in the openings, relocation, and refurbishment 
  • Defining operations needs (stock, uniformes, payment tools etc..
  • Managing after sales activities and follow up 

Senior Manager
Leadership (Advanced)
Logistical Planning (Advanced)
Retail Operations (Advanced)
Stock Management (Advanced)
English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)

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