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Do you have experience in fashion, beauty & luxury retail? Are you interested to work differently, more independently, on your terms, part-time or full-time? Then join the Dweet Retail Lab today and become one of our consultants!

Dweet is fashion's talent platform: we provide flexible work opportunities for professionals from the fashion, beauty, and luxury industries as we believe flexible working has the power to transform brands and allow people to live life on their own terms.We work exclusively with leading fashion & luxury brands to provide them with on-demand retail solutions for team training & management, concept stores, pop-ups, new product launches, or seasonal needs.

The diversity of opportunities gives our consultants the flexibility to set their working patterns and make time for personal or professional side projects.If you have a side hustle or a creative passion that requires more personal time, if you want to develop a new business, if you are studying, or if you need extra family time, and at the same time you would like the steady income of part-time or project-based work in Retail, this is for you!

We are currently seeking experienced, energetic, proactive, and professional fashion & luxury sales individuals who are willing to work on different terms.

Come join the new work order! Join the Dweet Retail Lab today.

Customer Service (Intermediate)
Fashion (Intermediate)
Luxury (Intermediate)
Retail (Intermediate)
English (Fluent)

Join 50,000+ experts on the only talent platform exclusively for fashion & luxury

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* All talent characters appearing on our marketing website are fictitious to protect the privacy of our community. Whilst representative of the talent on Dweet, any likeness to real persons is purely coincidental.

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