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Graphic & UX/I Designer
Flexible in Paris, France, Lochau, Austria, London, UK, Zürich, Switzerland

Our company

We are an innovative Phygital company that operates at the intersection of art and technology. We are a team of entrepreneurs with international profiles based in Paris, London, and Zurich. Our ambition is to make art accessible to all. We produce and commercialize 3D-printed artworks that look and feel exactly like the originals.

The current team is 20 total, including 9 in the factory, 6-8 in the Paris showroom, and 2 within digital.

Our technology

We are powered by a cutting-edge scanning and printing technology that is already used for conservation and research purposes by institutions such as the Louvre, the V&A, and the Vatican. Our unique laser scanner is specifically designed to make hi-res 3D maps of the surface of paintings and low relief objects. Our unique 3D printer then creates physical 3D clones of the paintings: these are our products.

The role

We are looking for a Graphic Designer with a sensibility to the Art & Tech industries.

Working closely with the CDO and the Head of Social Media, the Graphic Designer will develop the company’s brand identity. The ideal candidate will develop the company’s brand identity working across social media, internal, and UX activities. This person will be confident with good intuition to put forward their own ideas, have a creative aesthetic, and be proactive to work on urgent tasks. 

Key responsibilities

•Create graphic design contents (image/gif and video) for various supports (documents and decks, newsletter, social channels, website)

•UX Design for the website

•Design media kit with a global identity

•Design visual strategy for upcoming partnerships and media planning

•Develop specific media posts to sponsor on social media

•Optimize graphic charter

•Deploy graphic charter on physical supports (i.e. packaging...)

•Shape and enrich the visual identity of the brand as the business evolves 

Skills and Qualifications

•Proficiency in Adobe CC - Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign. The ability to master Final Cut Pro is a plus

•Ability to solve problems effectively and creatively

•Out-of-the box thinker


•Fluency in English and French

Freelance / Consultant
Adobe Illustrator (Intermediate)
Adobe Indesign (Intermediate)
Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
Final Cut Pro (Intermediate)
Graphic Charter (Intermediate)
Media Kit Development (Intermediate)
Media Planning (Intermediate)
Ux (Intermediate)
Visual Identity (Intermediate)
English (Work Proficiency)

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