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Senior Sales Associate
Maison Michel
Permanent contract
London, UK

Join the prestigious team at Maison Michel as a Senior Sales Associate, where your role extends beyond traditional sales to becoming a cornerstone in our luxury retail experience. This position offers an exceptional opportunity to merge passion for luxury fashion with unparalleled client service, operating at the heart of our company’s success and growth journey.

In this dynamic role, you'll master and implement advanced sales techniques, deeply understand our collections and heritage, and foster long-term relationships with our clientele. Your contribution will be pivotal in achieving sales targets through innovative strategies and a tailored, stylistic approach to service.


  • Meet and exceed sales targets through strategic actions aimed at improving store performance.
  • Offer inspiring and tailored in-store service, embodying the Maison Michel client experience through skilled selling approaches.
  • Develop long-term customer relationships with the goal of creating your own client book by overseeing customer-focused services and proactive client engagement.
  • Maintain expert level knowledge of collections and materials, uphold high merchandise presentation standards, and manage after-sales service and special requests.
  • Support the Store Manager operationally, ensuring compliance with internal procedures, managing inventory and stock movements effectively.
  • Engage in team discussions to devise strategies for increasing sales, recruiting new customers, and retaining existing ones, leveraging daily sales data and performance metrics.
  • Foster a positive work environment through optimism, collaboration, proactive idea sharing, and a commitment to professional development.


  • Experience in sales and clienteling is essential.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet and exceed sales targets by implementing effective performance enhancement strategies.
  • Proven track record of mastering luxury selling ceremonies and proactive clienteling to build long-term customer relationships and own client book.
  • Strong knowledge of fashion house heritage, products, collections, and inspirations, maintaining high merchandise presentation standards.
  • Competence in handling inventory management, including owning all stock movements and ensuring adherence to internal operations and procedures.
  • Ability to analyse daily sales figures and performances, engaging proactively in strategy discussions for sales improvement, customer recruitment, and retention.
  • Curiosity and determination with a passion for luxury fashion and trends.
  • Strong emotional intelligence; being approachable, humble, independent, and professional with a collaborative teamwork approach.
Entry Level / Assistant
Clienteling (Advanced)
Customer Service (Advanced)
KPI (Advanced)
English (Fluent)

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