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Showroom Manager
Être Cécile
Paris, France

Showroom Manager - Paris

The role will be based in Paris and will be on-site in their Paris fashion week Pop-Up store. The candidate must be willing to handle existing accounts and create new business within the time of the contract.

We are looking for someone that has account management experience/ showroom experience for at least 3 years and has a passion for fast-moving fashion. The candidate must be agile and a team player, to help the store whenever needed. You will be supported by the other sales employees in the pop-up, however, take seniority in the lead generation part of the role.

If you are based in the UK the option to travel for a couple of weeks is possible.

Please apply for more information.

Coordinator / Executive
Account Management (Advanced)
Client Development (Advanced)
Sales (Advanced)
Sales Management (Advanced)
Showrooms (Advanced)
English (Fluent)

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