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Senior Data Scientist
Permanent contract
Paris, France


● You will develop machine learning models to extract features from fashion show images

● You will work with the fashion team to have a better understanding of the taxonomy

● You will work with the engineering team to build the platform needed to train and deploy the models


● You are an experienced Data Scientist specialized on computer vision (5+ years required)

● You have a mathematics degree (Bachelor required)

● You have a strong understanding of image segmentation models, image compression algorithms and of wavelet transforms

● You have a self-taught approach – you like to learn new things by yourself and find solutions to problems you encounter

● Creativity & proactivity - you can find creative and simple solutions to tricky problems, use new approaches, tools and/or test new ways of leveraging data

● Entrepreneurial experience can be a plus


● You will write your models with Python 3, C99, Docker, PyTorch, Scikit, OpenCV, Numpy

● You have a basic understanding of how to write SIMD-based algorithms

● You will profile your code with scalene and valgrind

● You will use OpenSearch to store and fetch content

● You will train and evaluate your models on AWS Sagemaker

Communication Skills (Intermediate)
Customer Relations (Intermediate)
Digital Analysis (Intermediate)
Google Analytics (Intermediate)
Luxury and/or Fashion (Intermediate)
Media Agencies (Intermediate)
Power Point (Intermediate)
French (Work Proficiency)
English (Work Proficiency)

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