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Creative Producer
Flexible in London, UK
  •  Work closely with the Creative Team on the production and development of campaign and creative assets for all platforms (online, social, OOH, etc.)
  • Leads on upcoming production planning for large brand campaigns, whilst overseeing the overall production of smaller creative projects, including, but not limited to, product drops and supporting social assets, from pre, through to post production.
  • Take ownership of all allocated projects, managing budgets, timelines and channel partners expectations, whilst always thinking ahead to the next project.
  • Be the internal point of contact for day-to-day production queries, ensuring all channel partners are clear on timelines, deliverables and everything in between.
  • Liaise with external partners, build relationships and negotiate costs, all whilst researching talent that fits within the brands aesthetic, allowing you to build a portfolio of approved photographers, videographers, stylists, etc.
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously


  • 5+ years of experience within the Creative Production world/ fashion industry
  • Very good network
  • Interest in sustainability
  • Serious attention to detail
  • Enthusiastic and ambitious - not afraid to go above and beyond
Freelance / Consultant
Campaign Development (Advanced)
Creative Brief Delivery (Advanced)
Managing Budgets (Advanced)
Negotiation Skills (Advanced)
Priority Management (Advanced)
English (Fluent)

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