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Head of Ecommerce
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This fragrance brand is seeking a highly skilled and dynamic professional to take on a leadership role and drive our growth to the next level. Engage in various online operations, business planning, and marketing strategies, while simultaneously analysing market trends and developing strategies to enhance brand awareness. This role offers an exciting opportunity to significantly impact online sales, and improve customer acquisition and retention.


- Spearheading the management of day-to-day ecommerce duties and team management.

- Formulating and implementing marketing strategies in collaboration with executive and marketing teams to meet established business objectives.

- Planning and managing marketing budgets according to growth targets, campaign calendars, and revenue goals.

- Directing the ecommerce team inclusive of fulfilment, online content, and customer service departments.

- Supervising ecommerce logistics and overseeing the full-funnel customer journey.

- Enhancing customer experiences by managing customer service, customer analytics data, and ensuring seamless order fulfilment.

- Collaborating with suppliers, production teams, and fulfilment centre executives.

- Working with external agencies specialising in web development, SEO, paid social, and Google AdWords.

- Conducting weekly analysis of data reports by channel, region, product etc. to generate accurate sales forecasts, create stock budgets, and optimise growth strategies.


- A Bachelor's or Master's degree in business administration/finance/marketing or digital marketing.

- A minimum of one-year experience in heading a luxury online e-commerce and three years of experience in business management.

- Three years of experience in digital marketing and a proven track record of developing successful digital marketing strategies.

- Proficiency in managing marketing and stock budgets.

- Understanding and awareness of key industry trends and an ability to gauge competitors’ experiences.

- Exceptional team leadership skills and the ability to motivate others.

- The ability to creatively problem-solve.

- Outstanding analytical skills with a deep understanding of metrics application to business strategies and daily sales tasks.

- Excellent cross-functional collaboration and communication skills.

- Resilience under pressure and high attention to detail.

Senior Manager
CRM Integration (Advanced)
E-commerce (Advanced)
Shopify (Advanced)
English (Fluent)
Italian (Fluent)

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