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Make Up display buyer / merchandiser
Paris, France

The position 

Following the company Purchasing Strategies and Global Policy for Suppliers, Make-up POS buyer is responsible for technical developing and providing the materials needed for POS projects at best cost and conditions with a TCO mindset.


  • To develop and purchase materials at competitive prices, contributing with innovation and in compliance of the internal procedures.
  • To propose technical and economics alternative options
  • On time and in full products with best quality, price and service
  • To follow Global Policy for Suppliers and purchasing strategies
  • To carry out suppliers’ prices comparisons, negotiation and cost information
  • To manage SAP info record, source list and purchasing orders
  • To review Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to ensure availability of each materials
  • To order materials as per negotiated price and appropriately approved specifications
  • To monitor deliveries and control invoices
  • To carry out their tasks respecting the budget (target cost, tooling and investment) and generate savings
  • To elaborate and follow detailed retro-planning with supplier
  • To manage logistic data, green dot and customs clearance code
  • To manage and discuss defective or unacceptable goods with suppliers to determine cause of problem and take corrective and preventive actions
  • To keep knowledge of suppliers, products and market and reporting

The profile we are looking for:

• Around 5 years in similar position (Make up POS) ideally in the luxury goods or cosmetics sector

• University Degree in Economics/Business or Engineering. Master Degree would be highly  valuable

• French, English, Spanish is a plus

Buying (Advanced)
Make up Buying (Advanced)
Material Requirement Planning (Advanced)
SAP Inventory Management (Advanced)
French (Fluent)
English (Work Proficiency)

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