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Senior Collection Merchandiser
Jean Paul Gaultier
Paris, France

  As a Collection Merchandiser, the Freelance will have the following main responsibilities:

· Support the ready-to-wear Studio in structuring ready-to-wear collections and product design,

· Intervene in the different phases of collection development,

       - Upstream :

                  o Research the archives, identify iconic looks / pieces / codes, construction of a collection plan in line with the stylistic intentions and the commercial strategy of the House

       - During the process:

                 o Adjust the design of products drawn by the studio to optimize marketing, refine and structure the collection plan, identify pieces with high potential to decline, to edit,

       - At the end of the process:

                 o Final edit.


Education and level of experience required: Business or Fashion School, you are specialized and already have a strong experience in a luxury house (minimum 5 years).

Qualities required: Product affinity, creative, attentive to market trends, experience in styling / collection merchandising / buying, ...

IT tools: Appetite for IT tools and excellent command of the Office Pack.

Languages: Excellent level of English.

Additional information: Attention to detail and method, you demonstrate great rigor in your work.

Status: Freelance, 1 day per week

Senior Manager

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