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Marketing Coordinator

We are looking for an experienced Marketing Coordinator who is passionate about fashion. The right individual will have a foundation of skills based in digital channel management including email, social media, blogs, youtube, podcasts and influencer gifting. You will be responsible for structuring, developing and increasing the brands presence, while also supporting the founders in securing interviews and editorial opportunities.

Required experience:

  • Klaviyo or similar email-marketing platform - you will be building on average two email campaigns per week, plus seasonal campaigns and ah hoc emails for events and promotions. You should be comfortable creating audience segments, customer flows and community building.
  • Social media scheduling - via Later or a similar platform - you will be required to schedule three instagram grid posts per week plus daily story posts using assets that you will select from a shared Dropbox folder. You will coordinate with the Creative Director to adhere to brand guidelines and align on hero products to feature and you will brief the Artworker to create the assets you require.
  • Community management - engaging with community members across various channels
  • Blog writing - ideally you will have experience writing styling tips and other fashion focused copy
  • Social presence expansion - launching and growing on Pinterest and TikTok would be a bonus

As a growing brand, we see these responsibilities as starting point and that over time, there will be the ability to increase the scope of the role.

Coordinator / Executive
Artwork Management (Intermediate)
Blog Management (Intermediate)
Email Marketing (Intermediate)
Influencer Marketing (Intermediate)
Marketing Coordination (Intermediate)
Social Media Management (Intermediate)
YouTube (Intermediate)
English (Fluent)

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