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Pop-up Installer
Paris, France

One-off project to help Reformation install and deinstall their pop-up at Le Bon Marché

Dates: TBD - but the target launch day is October 30th, so the ideal installation is 29th October at night (tentative), take down end of December with dates TBC.

Tools needed for the installation of the below fixtures

Fixtures: 2 carpets, 2 tables, one sign, one vase

VM of stock: yes

One crucial detail is that the fixtures need to be delivered to an address in Paris that is not Le Bon Marché and for the person to be in charge of the fixtures till they arrive in Paris and have access to the shop floor.

Coordinator / Executive
Installations (Advanced)
Pop-ups (Advanced)
Pop-up Displays (Advanced)
VM (Advanced)
French (Fluent)
English (Work Proficiency)

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