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Fashion Stylist
Ozwald Boateng
London, UK


 Key responsibilities

• Contribution to turnover of the store through active selling.

• Demonstrate warmth and patience in all dealings with our customers, always displaying a ‘can-do’ attitude. 

• Develop your knowledge of the after-sales support processes. 

• Be proactive in familiarising yourself with merchandise to enhance product knowledge and be confident in selling all metiers. 

• Be aware of commercial objectives, particularly around your metier on a larger scale. 

• Deliver an outstanding service to clients. 

• Ensure strong and professional customer communication during selling ceremonies and after-sales. 

 • Consistently accurate CRM capture and recording of client data.

 • Hold an exemplary solid, active and local client base. 

• Alongside the management, look after client special orders and ensure thorough communication with client and colleagues throughout the process. 

• Active participation in various store communications. 

• Demonstrate excellent communication skills – both verbal and written. 

• Maintain store standards and become familiar with daily procedures.

• Ensure merchandise is handled with care and consideration. 


• Demonstrate good team spirit in the workplace and act as a team player.

 • Act as a true ambassador of the House

 • Hold a high level of personal standards and take initiative where necessary 

 • Problem-solving capabilities

  •  Inspire and motivate through attitude and actions 

Entry Level / Assistant
Customer Service (Advanced)
Fashion Styling (Intermediate)
Luxury Goods (Intermediate)
Tailoring (Intermediate)
Vip Services (Intermediate)
English (Work Proficiency)

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