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Marketing Manager
Au Depart
London, UK


  • Contribute to the achievement of the brand's annual growth by providing efficient Marketing support to the Brand Manager.
  • Work with the In-house Media-Planner and Brand Manager Identify any relevant media opportunities
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all media campaigns.
  • Manage the media budget effectively by creating and maintaining project sheet and PO numbers as well as dealing with all media related payment enquiries.
  • Manage POS requests in line with available budget from obtaining quotes through to delivery of materials.
  • Ensure that all retailers are kept up to date with current and new products launches as well as relevant support sales material (master catalogue, etc).
  • Maintaining effective customer relationship management by assisting enquiries from all retailers and private customers.
  • Close communication with Brand PR to help raise editorial opportunities with Media partners.
  • Plan & Execute Brand events with external venues whilst maintain Brand values and budget constraints.
  • Liaise with relevant parties during opening of new accounts.
  • Monitor and maintain all marketing expenditure

The Candidate:

  • 2-4 years of experience working with various retailers in the luxury industry
  • Pro-active and Passionate
  • Previous experience in media for premium consumer brands, either agency or client- side work
  • Passion for the luxury industry
  • Experience in negotiation and building relationships with providers and media partners
  • Experience in planning and executing prestigious events with premium/luxury brands
  • Exacting organisation & communication
  • Sensitive to fashion and styles
  • French is a must
Content Marketing (Advanced)
Marketing (Advanced)
PR (Advanced)
Social Media (Advanced)
Strategic Marketing (Advanced)
English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)

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