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Junior Consultant
Niche LHC
Flexible in London, UK

Junior Consultant

Niche LHC is an advisory & consulting firm working closely with founders and c-suites of luxury businesses, predominantly within global fashion, aesthetics and fine jewellery. Our organisation delivers analysis to drive strategic decision making at the top end, co-devising the roadmap to achieve longterm growth objectives. We have built a network of trusted relationships in multiple sectors over years of optimal delivery and commitment. We pride ourselves on understanding the evolving markets, trends, sales channels and value chains in business development, customer service, luxury production and retail around the world.


  • Act with the utmost level of discretion and integrity
  • Create proposals for new clients based on their needs and goals.
  • Develop meeting agendas and presentations.
  • Log and follow the client's needs as well as the health and progress of the project.
  • Create forecasts and reports on client activity in order to present information in an understandable manner.
  • Support the project lead on all their data and analysis.
  • Help with survey and data collection
  • Organise and analyse data
  • Assist in departmental strategies and implementation for change management projects
  • PPT slide building that is clear and succinct.
  • Understanding process-mapping and analysis, leading to workflow improvements
  • Working with lead to organise and enable workshops
  • Gather information for growth implementation roadmap
  • Grow HR capabilities to acquire talent and support infrastructure 

Passion and creative thinking: We pride ourselves on the quality of our deliverables, using the most effective tools to create the greatest impact and clearest message.


  • College degree or equivalent
  • London based or available to commute for a hybrid working model
  • Organised and numbers-oriented
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office suite.
  • Use different project management technologies and tools to support the delivery of high-quality presentations and results
  • Skilled in project management - managing risks to timelines, critical paths and budgets
  • Adapt different approaches depending on project requirements
  • Strong command of the English language, excellent verbal and written communication skills

We understand that some applicants may be at the start of your professional careers and may not always ‘tick’ every box – and that’s ok! If you know that given the opportunity you are passionate and want to learn in each of the categories, then you are the right profile to apply! We would welcome you to our growth environment to experience the work it takes to become a successful management consultant. Integrity and passion are the top skills required!

Entry Level / Assistant
English (Fluent)

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