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Freelance Apparel Product Developer
London, UK

Richemont, a leading luxury brand, is searching for a dedicated and versatile Freelance Apparel Product Developer to provide temporary support for their acclaimed menswear brand, Dunhill. This role is open for an immediate start and requires a commitment for at least three months. 

**Role Structure**

- This is a full-time freelance job role.

- The job requires presence in the Mayfair Studio.

- The working hours are from 9 to 5, five days a week.

**Required Service Span**

- The job position is open for an immediate start as soon as possible, preferably from July.

- A minimum commitment of three months is required, with potential extension dependent on needs.

**Job Responsibilities**

The role involves:

- Assisting in the process of product development.

- Completing junior product development tasks, including a significant amount of administrative tasks on the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform.

- Fabric cutting and managing shipping Purchase Orders (POs).

**Desired Skills**

- Bilingual proficiency in English and Italian is highly desirable.

- Prior experience in the development of knitwear or soft accessories would be beneficial, but not a strict requirement.

Please note that this position is balanced towards administrative duties, rather than senior tasks. The successful candidate must be comfortable with an array of work types in a fast-paced environment.

Freelance / Consultant
Knitwear (Advanced)
PML (Advanced)
Technical Product Development (Advanced)
fabric cutting (Advanced)
English (Work Proficiency)
Italian (Work Proficiency)

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