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Sales & Marketing Associate
Violante Nessi
Permanent contract
London, UK

As the Sales & Marketing Associate at Violante Nessi, you will play a crucial role in delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving sales growth for our luxury Italian womenswear brand. You will be responsible for building strong relationships with our clients and business relationships and providing personalized assistance to ensure their satisfaction. Your expertise in fashion, retail and keen understanding of our brand will enable you to showcase our products effectively, driving sales both in-store and through private client and business to business interactions. The Employee shall be responsible to provide the best possible service to Violante Nessi on the activities below:

Provide Exceptional Customer Service:

  • Greet and welcome clients with a warm, professional demeanor.
  • Assist clients in a courteous and attentive manner, ensuring their needs are met.
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the brand's products and collections.

Private Client and Business-to-Business Management:

  • Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with existing private clients.
  • Proactively engage with high-value customers to understand their preferences and shopping habits.
  • Offer personalized product recommendations and style advice based on individual tastes and needs.
  • Arrange private appointments and exclusive shopping experiences for VIP clients and businesses.

Sales and Revenue Generation:

  • Achieve and exceed sales targets and KPIs set by the management.
  • Utilize effective sales techniques to drive revenue and meet monthly/quarterly sales goals.
  • Follow up on leads and inquiries promptly, converting prospects into loyal customers.
  • Participate in events, private sales and promotions to maximize sales opportunities.

Product Presentation:

  • Ensure the store is visually appealing and all products are displayed attractively.
  • Provide feedback on the visual merchandising, product display and store layout.

Business Development:

  • Act as a brand ambassador, gathering valuable feedback from clients to improve products and services.
  • Keep abreast of market trends, competitors, and customer preferences to provide valuable insights to the team.
  • Find new opportunities for growth with business-to-business collaborations and retail network expansion.

General Administration:

  • Assisting with marketing, social media and pr with ad hoc support.
  • Assisting with outreach to retail partners and sales campaigns.
  • Responding to and drafting emails and written correspondence for the Principal and customers when required.
Coordinator / Executive
Brand Management (Intermediate)
Customer Service (Intermediate)
Private Events (Intermediate)
Administrative Assistance (Intermediate)
Copywriting (Intermediate)
Executive Administrative Assistance (Advanced)
Executive Office Administration (Advanced)
Luxury Goods (Intermediate)
MailChimp (Beginner)
Press Relations (Intermediate)
Private Clients (Intermediate)
Public Relations (Beginner)
Shopify (Beginner)
Social Media (Intermediate)
English (Fluent)

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