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Project Manager Store Design
Maison Assouline
New York, NY, USA



· Build and maintain positive, productive working relationships with property owner teams to facilitate smooth processes and the alignment of interests

· Draft project proposals including price quotes and close contracts to meet goal

· Develop and implement territory action plan through comprehensive data analysis

Project Management

· Oversee all architectural and construction projects and activities related to the development of new culture lounges and/or renovation of existing projects, from layout and design to construction completion and turnover.

· Ensure adherence to Capex and OpenX budgets for construction, enhancements, and facility maintenance. Maintain awareness of any overages and recommend solutions, as necessary.

· Lead site visits and initial site due diligence/feasibility study and ensure complete and accurate reports are maintained, from initial layout to punch list completion and turnover, to drive quality in building/boutique construction and millwork installation. Identify outstanding issues and ensure timely and appropriate resolution.

· Oversee all project management activities, ensuring that timing, needs, and priorities are aligned across all store development projects to drive the synergistic and efficient use of resources and services.

· Oversee facilities operations activities, including code compliance and ongoing maintenance matters, and ensure timely and cost-effective adherence and resolution.

· Collaborate with Group Design team to exchange best practices and align with global strategies and guidelines.


· Bachelor’s Degree in business administration

· Management and business development experience

· Strong leadership and Communication skills

· Problem-solving abilities

Senior Manager
Architects (Advanced)
Capex (Intermediate)
Construction (Advanced)
Project Management (Advanced)
Site Management (Advanced)
English (Fluent)

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