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Art Director
Flexible in London, UK

The Art Director will work closely with the founder and to conceptualize innovative content according to the brand vision, building a stronger visual universe and narrative for the brand across all touchpoints, this includes stills + motion campaigns, social media content, e-commerce shoots and other brand related projects. 


  • You will develop and communicate the overall visual direction of projects, ensuring that design work exceeds client expectations while aligning with Zinazzura's brand standards.
  • We expect you to lead and inspire a team of creatives, providing guidance and feedback that fosters their growth and ensures high-quality output.
  • You shall collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing and product development, to ensure cohesive branding and messaging across all channels.
  • You will oversee the entire lifecycle of a project from concept through execution, making strategic decisions to meet deadlines and budget constraints.
  • We require you to conduct research and stay abreast of industry trends, incorporating innovative design techniques and technologies into your work at Zinazzura.
  • You shall present creative concepts and designs to stakeholders, effectively communicating your vision and how it aligns with objectives.
  • You will assess and optimize the performance of the creative department by setting clear goals, tracking progress, and implementing improvements.
  • We look for you to cultivate an environment of teamwork and inclusivity, where ideas are shared openly and collaboration is encouraged.


  • You must possess a strong portfolio showcasing your expertise in visual design and art direction, demonstrating your ability to conceptualize and execute exceptional brand experiences.
  • You should be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and have a solid understanding of design principles, typography, and color theory to create compelling visuals.
  • We expect you to have experience leading and directing photo shoots, including selecting models, locations, and ensuring the final outputs align with our brand's vision.
  • You need to exhibit an excellent capacity for creative thinking and problem-solving, enabling you to deliver innovative solutions under tight deadlines.
  • Your role requires collaboration with marketing teams to develop strategic advertising campaigns that effectively communicate our brand message across various media channels.
  • It is crucial that you demonstrate an ability to adapt and evolve brand aesthetics over time while maintaining consistency across all visual representations.
  • We rely on you to provide constructive feedback to junior designers and other team members, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages growth and learning.
  • Your responsibilities include staying updated on current trends in design, technology, and social media platforms to ensure our brand remains relevant and competitive.


  • Creative direction
  • Visual storytelling
  • Team leadership
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Project management
  • Artistic judgment
  • Brand development
  • Communication skills
  • Budget management
  • Typography
Senior Manager
Artistic Direction (Advanced)
Artworkers (Advanced)
Creative Agency (Intermediate)
Creative Design (Advanced)
English (Native)

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