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Store Director with Valentino

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This Italian Luxury Fashion house is looking for a Store Manager/Director for their London boutique to lead the retail and ops teams with a focus on improving store performance.

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Job Description

Job Description

Role and Responsibilities:
Client-Centric Activities
  •  Constantly aimed at satisfying the customer. Guarantee excellent Client Experience
by monitoring sales activities; ensure that standards of  Client Journey are maintained at all times.
  •  Implement clienteling in the store and ensure clients engagement, recruitment,
retention and upgrading with high attention to local domestic clients.
  • Maintain and develop external relations with prestigious people, clients and third
partners, in order to promote brand loyalty and expand the network.
  • Impeccable management of the client database including client assignment and
reassignment, responsible for promoting brand loyalty according to CRM Companyrequirements develop direct marketing actions towards loyal and inactive clients.
  • Ensure the inclusion of digital tools and assets in the client journey and in the
clienteling routine.
  •  Assist Team Manager (if present) or personally manage all delicate situations
regarding sales activities or after-sales (boutique returns, end of the season, customer returns, repairs, complaints). Ensure the respect of Company procedures regarding sales and after-sales processes and also continuously develop knowledge and information about HQs guidelines.
Team coaching
  • Foster a «couture service» mindset and act as a role model.
  • Encourage creativity and colleague centric mindset within the team.
Ensure regular and effective cascading of company contents through morning briefings, products and CRM training, and engaging animation of the store board.
  •  Build the best team through talent recruitment and retention, ensuring career development and succession plans with HR support.  
  • Grant the right level of coaching and development to all team members to develop their skills and qualities by managing their performance, providing feedback, fostering their motivation and carrying out periodical touch bases.  
  • Authorize Staff planning, organising and planning the activities verifying day-to-day execution. 
  • Take all the necessary measures in order to create and maintain a motivated and happy working environment; manage all delicate situations regarding store personnel, according to Company policies and employment laws. 
  • Regularly organize store meetings and keeps the staff informed regarding store performance and sales objectives. 
  • Assign quantitative and qualitative objectives and ensures they are achieved.
  •  Deal with staff performance appraisal by analyzing the results and according to Company rules of conduct.
  •  Ensure that the laws of the Labor Code are applied with the support of the Headquarters 
Product Handling 
  • Ensure all stockroom procedures (delivery, handling and management) are rigidly followed.
  • Guarantee all the necessary measures for the safety of valuable products, materials and furnishings on both the sales floor and stockroom.  
  • Constantly monitor the correct rotation of the products and verifies that are in line with the store’s sales potential with Merchandising/Buying support. 
  • Supervise the department's stockroom activities by ensuring the proper packaging and handling of products. 
  • Transfer Department Managers all relevant information and inventory results. 
  • Report all relevant warehouse issues to HQs and work in cooperation with Retail Department to optimize stockroom management.  
  • Guarantee end-of-season returns and product transfers. 
  • Manage inventory activities and is responsible for results. 
 Store Operations: (*) 
  • Where an Ops HC is not present takes an active part in the execution of operational tasks (including shipping/receiving)
  • Ensure correct operations and compliance in all administrative procedures including AFS.  
  • Deal with store accountancy recurring audits. Ensure administration procedures and timing are respected.  
  • Guarantee store maintenance in order to make the furnishings, types of machinery and all store tools as efficient as possible. 
  •  Supervise all relevant maintenance activities; liaises with and utilize support from suppliers or other partners as required.  
  • Manage cash and payment systems in accordance with Company procedures and policies. 
  • Report on sales, store costs - and business performance according to Company requirements. 
(*) this part will be subject to changes after the Retail Excellence pilots with a specific focus on Operations activities and taking into considerations Flagship and Free Standing stores 
Store Image  
  • Ensure that VM reflects strategy and verifies guidelines execution in-store. Ensure order and cleaning of windows and internal display.  
  • Liaise with and receives information and requirements from HQs Visual Merchandising; verify and report visual criteria effectiveness in terms of sales; report to Visual Merchandising all relevant information. 
  • Ensure all housekeeping procedures (order and cleaning of store and furnishings) are rigidly followed. 
  • Guarantee the full transfer of guidelines, information and updates to Staff 

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