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E-commerce Growth Consultant
Public Serv-ce Corp

In charge of the performance, of the monitoring of the conversion rate throughout the sales funnel and allocation of budgets

Identification of new acquisition channels

Manage the launch of campaigns, optimization and follow-up

Website improvements and creation of landing pages with the marketing team

Content creation with the Brand Content Manager for their editorial strategy

Non-exhaustive list

Required profile

5+ years of experience in Growth Marketing and achieved exceptional results working for a young brand

Strong appetite for fashion and the creative industries

Analytical, and endowed with a good capacity for synthesis, but also creative and force of proposal

Organized, know how to manage several projects with different collaborators and collaborate with several teams

Resourceful to quickly test and experiment with messages and audiences

Freelance / Consultant
Direct To Consumer (Intermediate)
E-Commerce (Advanced)
Fashion (Advanced)
Growth Marketing (Intermediate)
English (Fluent)

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