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Architecte d'intérieur
Axelle Verglas
Paris, France

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Graduate of the Master of Architecture and Luxury Scenography at the School of Condé with the commendation of the jury, I send you my application. 

I worked for many interior architecture and scenography agencies including Bureau Betak, Pierre Nouvel, Michael Levy, Marie Deroudilhe and Oboglobal for 5 years of experience. I often intervene on projects as a freelance for short missions.

I ignite different fields of creation, from the practice of architecture to artistic installation to theatrical performance. I am able to carry out the sketches, APS, APD and DCE phases of an interior architecture and scenography project.

So many new sensibilities that continue to feed my scenographic practice, and are reflected in the recurrence of my work of plastic element in direct connection with nature and space.

These different immersions affirmed my taste for independent work, listening to all the actors and parameters of a project. I pay particular attention to the choice of colors, materials and volumes for their poetic resonances with space, sound, light. I explore singular projects for a practice that I want delicate, heterogeneous and always renewed.

For all of these reasons, I am committed to hard work and intense personal investment if you give me the opportunity to grow within your team.


Axelle Verglas.

Freelance / Consultant
Adobe Illustrator (Advanced)
Adobe InDesign (Beginner)
Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
AutoCAD 2D (Advanced)
Rhino 3D (Advanced)
French (Native)

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