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5 signs of a positive corporate culture

Written by

Jessica Marrazzo

Posted on

July 25, 2022

When you speak to a client about a potential new role, it goes without saying that it should be a two-way conversation. Of course, as an employer they’ll want to learn more about your experience and whether you have the skills that they need for their current projects. Equally, it’s a chance for you to assess whether the role and the organisation itself is a good fit for you. 

Tapping into the role requirements is the easy part. Deciding whether you’re heading into the best-fit culture is harder to discern. Here are 5 positive signs to look out for when starting a new mission.

There’s a strong sense of direction

The strongest working cultures have a strong vision, mission and values. What’s more, management will be able to clearly communicate how the organisation is looking to move towards their next goals. Does the future of the company feel bright and like it’s something that you want to be a part of? Bonus points if it’s super clear what your role will be in making the next chapter of the brand story happen.

They’re focused on what really matters

When starting a new role, it’s important to think about how your work will be evaluated. Are the metrics relevant to the end goal, focusing on what really matters most? If so, you’ll be more motivated for your work to be measured and benchmarked in this way. By taking time to look closely at these metrics, you’ll also be able to work with the hiring manager to set attainable goals that serve all those involved.

They have a clear decision-making process

Every company will have a slightly different decision-making workflow, depending on their size and tenure. Multinational organisations will no doubt have policies, practices and processes in place to guide their decisions. Smaller start-ups often prefer a more agile approach, but will still have a certain tolerance for ambiguity. The important thing is to have clarity on how you can contribute new ideas and information in line with your level of expertise. When a team knows how to do that, they’ll feel empowered to make positive changes within their own specialisms.

They seek to be inclusive

Strong cultures will welcome diversity of people and thought. After all, it’s been proven time and time again that this approach has a strong impact on business results and culture. Try to find new ways to interact with people from different backgrounds, capabilities and specialisms within the business. You’ll learn so much by doing so.

They know environments matter

We spend a lot of our time at work, so it’s important to find an environment where you feel welcome. If you’re going to be working in the office or store location, try visiting before you start to get a feel for where you’ll be during the day. If you’re working remotely, make an effort to connect with the team through the tools and initiatives they’ve put in place to bring people together. The best workplaces will always emphasise teams first, as it’s the best way to make people feel most at home.

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